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When I Wished to Get Fucked without Foreplay

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
When I Wished to Get Fucked without Foreplay

I was beginning to get too desperate.

It had been almost a month since we got the opportunity to get cozy.

There were so many people in the house for my brother-in-law’s wedding ceremony; and being the daughter-in-law, I had most of the responsibilities.

My hubby was busy juggling between his job and home responsibilities. Nights only found us dozing off to sleep being tired to the dregs.

The days we contemplated on some intimate moments our kids robbed our opportunity.

The day of the marriage came, and I dressed up in my bridal attire. And as I sat accessorizing my outfit, the memories of our first night after marriage got me longing for it all the more.

The marriage went quite well, and so did the reception. My brother-in-law was to experience his first wedding night soon. 

As I returned to my room quite late at night, I found to my surprise that my children were already fast asleep, and my hubby was lying under the bedsheet.

I locked the door and crept on the bed. He gave me a naughty smile. I pulled off the sheets to find him completely naked. His chiselled chest was luring me to go beyond my wildest of fantasies instantly.

Without wasting a moment, I placed a deep kiss on his lips and felt his hands embrace me tight. Soon he pinned me to the bed and started kissing me passionately all over my neck.

I was still wearing my sari, but at that moment, I did not want any foreplay. All I wanted was rough, wild sex, to feel his manhood pumping inside me.

I quickly lifted up my sari, took his erect organ in my hand and just shoved it inside my vagina.

It had already turned wet and did not need any additional efforts to be moist. He started thumping it in and out and the feeling drove me crazy. 

His hands were working still trying to unhook my blouse but I could not wait that long. I helped him out in stripping myself off and there I lay baring my boobs to be suckled.

The touch of his lips on them was divine and as he sucked them hard he allowed me to be on top and do as I pleased with him.

I took the full advantage of it all, stripping off my remaining clothes and moving up and down vigorously while kissing him all over.

I felt the explosive orgasm taking control over my senses as I held him tight exhausted to the dregs.

Two more rounds continued while sitting face to face and with him on top and each time I went through the ecstasy enjoying every moment of our hard-core sex without foreplay to the lees.

That day all I wanted was him to rape me, and me to rip him apart without any gentle lovemaking. The satisfaction we both had was indescribable.

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