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Kaamastra - India's Largest Online Adult Sex Toys Store

Shopping for sex toys in India is more than just browsing for vibrators and quickly grabbing a pack of condoms, it is an experience. At our sex shop, you can get the guidance you need to understand what product suits you best. Kaamastra.com is India’s largest sex shop online, housing a range of men's and women's sex toys, unisex products, and accessories. 

India is the land of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Sanskrit text on sexuality and sexual awakening. Sex and intimate toys have been considered taboo in India for a while. Now, however, the rising demand for sex products and adult toys speaks to the progressive buyer's needs.

At the Kaamastra sex shop, it is easy to buy sex toys and choose from several types of popular sex toys like vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, penis rings, bondage harnesses, sex furniture, and a lot more. Fulfill your needs for anniversary presents, sex games, role-play costumes, and many more versatile goodies at this sex shop.

What is a sex shop or sex toy?

A sex shop, e.g., Kaamastra.com, is typically a place where you have access to a variety of objects and toys that can be used during sexual activity, from essentials like condoms to novelty items like sex sofas.

Sexual pleasure is an intimate experience, one that is shared with a partner and can also be enjoyed alone. Sex, apart from being able to hit all the pleasure centers, has several health benefits as well; the introduction of adult products in your life will contribute to orgasms as much as it will to your sexual wellness. Sex toys are objects that are used for sexual stimulation; work them on your erogenous zones or for penetration to derive pleasure, fun, and orgasms. 

Do Indians love sex & its related products?

Contrary to popular belief, adult products in India are no longer a novelty; they can be found on the nightstands of most couples who choose to invest in a healthy sexual relationship with their partners. Sex toys in India are a lot more than just vibrators for women and penis rings for men, they're a way men, women, and people of all sexual orientations explore their bodies and indulge in fantasies. 

Indian Sexual History of Kama Sutra 

This book of love is rather popular, known as a sexual guide across the globe, The Kama sutra is more than just sex positions (a must-try though), it speaks openly about emotional fulfilment in life through fulfilling the needs of the body. Written over 2000 years ago, the Sanskrit text has since been translated several times, with the 64 Kamasutra-approved positions being the highlight for many. The second installation in the series of Kama sutra condones the use of sex toys for pleasure and foreplay as well. 

Adult Toys Industry Experiencing Increased Sale of Sex Toys in Sanskari, India 

The adult products industry has boomed with sales from metro cities as well as small towns in India, The rise in demand of shopping sex toys has given way for a sex shop like kaamastra.com to serve Indians everywhere. While sex products like men thongs and male lingerie are seeing demand in Aamchi, Mumbai, bustling Bangalore sales records are dominated by bondage toys and sex swings. Sex accessories are popular adult products in India, with small towns and districts evolving in liberal India with flavoured condoms, lubricants and sexy dresses. 

About Kaamastra Sex Store

Kaamastra.com is your sex essential partner. As a leading sex store in India, we are dedicated to provide best toys, sex accessories and adult products for everyone. One of the most important things that comes to mind is quality and discretion, With our sex toy shop, you do not need to worry about either. Kaamastra houses a wide variety of essentials used  for sex and sexual stimulation. This sex store houses everything, from sexy lingerie for women to  condoms, p-spot massagers and more for men. 

Kaamastra: Sexaholic Cities in India 

From Mumbai to Chennai and Durgapur to Medak, Indians have found that the easiest way to shop for sex toys in India is at this sex toy shop.

Sex toys in Mumbai are all the rage, leading to orders of men's lingerie and sexual toys for men. This city never sleeps, nor do its desires.

Sex toys in Delhi are a big hit, this capital city is the biggest consumer of adult toys and accessories in India, with the maximum number of orders.

Sex toys in Bangalore are the kinkiest of them all. Lovers of bondage sex toys and sex swings reside in this contemporary city.

Sex toys in Kolkata see large orders of sexy lingerie & edible sex goodies. Candy thongs and bras are a bestseller in this sweet-filled city.
    Sex toys in Pune have become more than a novelty, this fast-paced city is leading in orders of hot clothing, sexy lingerie, and bikinis.

    Sex toys in Chennai are quite popular; edibles, lubricants, and sex games are most commonly bought here from sex shops.

    Different Types of Sex Toys for 18+ Age Group at Kaamastra

    When you shop at Kaamastra for sex products, you need not look any further; all adult products, sexual wellness products, and sex accessories can be found under one roof. Whether you’re turned on by sex tools like a sex machine or need regular sex items like condoms, you can find everything at our sex shop.

    Pleasurable Sex Toys 

    Kaamastra houses various types of sex toys, not only for men & women but also for LGBT people.

    Sex Toys for Women
    • A wide variety of sex toys for women can be found at the Kaamastra sex shop
    • With over 100 products to choose from, you can find the perfect vibrator, dildo, ben wa balls, egg vibrator, strap-on harness, or sex machine for you.
    • Our sex store caters to all women and their fantasy needs with versatile products like clitoral stimulators, panty vibrators, inflatable dildos, and many more. 
    Sex Toys for Men
    • Men sexual toys have truly come a long way and are immensely popular today
    • From stimulating masturbator cups, fleshlight, prostate massagers, penis extenders, and penis pumps to classic penis rings and sex dolls, the Kaamastra sex store houses one and all. 
    • Help yourself with P-spot vibrators and penis enlargers from our sex shop that act as a boon for ailments like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
    Anal Toys for All- (LGBT Toys)
  • At our sex shop, you can find the quality and variety of anal toys suiting the needs of men & women, as well as the LGBT community. 
  • Butt plugs, anal beads and double-ended dildos can be found at the anal toy collection at Kaamastra.

  • Sexual Wellness Products

    What is a sex shop without addressing and providing solutions for sexual shortcomings in the bedroom?

    Sex Medicines for Different Sexual Problems 
    • Indulge in suitable sex medicines for sexual wellness to ensure that you have uninterrupted, amazing sex, no matter what your ailment.
    • All sex medicines at our sex shop are Ayurvedic, natural, and safe to use. They are packed with powerful and healing herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Moringa, Musli, and many more.
    • These sex medicines, creams, gels, and pills work wonders to remedy low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or sex delay, weak orgasms, and enhance overall sexual performance.
    • Sex medicines for women cater to breast enhancement, low-sex drive, vaginal tightening, and boosting orgasms. 
    Sex Lubricants & Massage Oils
    • Sex lubricants available at Kaamastra come in a variety of forms, including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based, as well as edible lubes and flavoring lubes. Lube is perfect for painless penetration and it also adds pleasure tenfold. 
    • Foreplay is just as important as sex, yes, that’s true. Warm-up your partner with sexy massage oils, both the non-edible and edible varieties are available at our sex shop to boost the sensual component in lovemaking.

    Sexy Clothing

    We have dedicated sections of sexy clothing for men & women. Here, you will find different varieties of sexy lingerie & clothing.

    Party Wear Dresses 
    • Night or day, Kaamastra helps you slay with the best-quality party wear dresses from our sex shop.
    • Here you can find sexy latex dresses, bandage dresses, floor-length gowns, jumpsuits, mini clubwear dresses, western-wear bodycon dresses, and more.
    Sexy Lingerie 
    • At Kaamastra, we have a dedicated segment where you can easily look for your style of sexy lingerie. 
    • Match up with adult toys from our sex shop and take your pick from G-strings & thongs, teddy’s, baby dolls, bikinis, as well as role-playing costumes, body stockings, and sexy mesh stockings
    Sex Wear & Outfit
    • Hot night dresses is dedicated to bringing you a collection where the balance of sexy, elegant, and naughty meets.
    • According to your body type and preference, select from 300+ designs in bodysuits, catsuits, jumpsuits, and more.

    BDSM & Bondage Products

    An absolute favourite for many regular customers at Kaamastra, the BDSM and bondage collection caters to a newbie, an intermediate player, as well as an experienced bondage lover. 

    Sexy Games for Couples

    If you thought trying different sex positions was fun, the sex games for couples at Kaamastra will blow your mind. 

    • Adult games are not a novelty among Indian users, sex games for couples can be clubbed with sex toys or simply enjoyed by their lonesome. 
    • Indulge in them with your partner or give them as a gift to your couple's friends. Must-have sex games range from sex coupons and dice to playing sex cards and adult board games. 

    Why Should You Choose Kaamastra Adult Sex Store?

    Most Indians prefer buying sex toys online; convenience, comfort, and discretion play a big role in this experience, Here’s why Kaamastra is one of the leading choices in India: 

    • The best-quality products are available from trusted brands at our sex shop.
    • The largest variety in all categories of adult toys, sex medicines, bondage gear, accessories, etc. can be found here.
    • No need to burn a hole through your pocket, budget-friendly adult products are available right here at Kaamastra.
    • We value our customers, their needs, and, most importantly, discretion. Discreet packing and delivery services are available at our sex toy shop. 
    • A customer delight team is ready to answer your queries and also help pick out the perfect sex toy for you and your partner.
    • When most Indians think about shopping for sex toys from a sex store in India, they think Kaamastra. 

    We Sell 100% Legal and Hygienic Products

    • Kaamastra.com is a 100% legal sex store, online selling and buying of sex toys in India is not prohibited by any law (Terms & conditions apply). 
    • All the sex products available at Kaamastra meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene
    • All adult toys sold at our sex shop are legally sourced internationally as well as locally and no extra cost is levied upon the customer. 

    Kaamastra Maintains Customer’s Privacy and Safety

    Kaamastra has made shopping for sex toys in India an easy task. When you buy sex toys online with us, you need not worry about quality, privacy or safety. With the discreet packaging and secret shipping facilities, privacy is maintained and regarded as a top priority. 

    We Provide Discreet Home Deliveries within 2–3 Business Days Pan India

    As your one-stop-solution of sex toys in India, we ensure discreet packaging of every order from our sex toy shop, The products are meticulously packed and the details are not revealed to delivery partners or mentioned on packages. You can now buy sex toys that are soft on your skin and safe to use, Expect your goodies to be delivered home within 2–3 business days across India.