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Mumbai is the second-largest city in India and one of the most populous cities in the world. It has some of the most romantic places for couples like Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face, Juhu Chowpatty, etc. But life in Mumbai is hectic and challenging. The people in this metro city...

Mumbai is the second-largest city in India and one of the most populous cities in the world. It has some of the most romantic places for couples like Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face, Juhu Chowpatty, etc. But life in Mumbai is hectic and challenging. The people in this metro city barely have time for themselves, which leaves them with no time to have sex. Several individuals and couples are using sex toys to fulfill their dark desires. They shop for sexual products from an online sex shop in Mumbai. Many purchase sexual products for women and men online, as it is a safer option. Kaamastra is among the renowned online adult shops that protect your identity too.

Men Sex Toys in Mumbai: Frequently shopped products by men

The men in Mumbai have a modern outlook on sex. They are eager to experiment in their sex life and are more open to the use of sex toys. There are several options available for them to buy men's sex toys online to excite their sex life.


  • Male Masturbators¬†¬†¬†¬†

Several men prefer to use hands-free masturbator toys when they masturbate. The additional item can help fulfill their wildest fantasies when alone. They have a sleeve that can be easily inserted into the penis for extra comfort. Most of them have sleeves, but there can also be others with added features. Some of the premium hands-free masturbator toys can have additional body features too. You can get hold of a fleshlight in Mumbai with all your comfort.


  • Penis Sleeve

If you are trying to increase the penis length, you can use the penis sleeve. It can be worn on the penis before having sex. It is ideal for those who have erectile dysfunction. The sleeve can help the penis stay firm during sex and help you have an orgasm. They can cover the entire penis length and are comfortable to wear. It can also help improve your sexual appetite and help your partners have better orgasms. These sleeves allow you to prolong your sexual encounter and add variety to sex. 


  • Sex Doll

Several men prefer to use sex dolls in Mumbai. You will be mistaken if you think it is used by singles only. Even married men use them when their partner is away. It can help you try different poses and improve your quality of sex. You may not take any precautions as there are no chances of sexually transmitted diseases. However, you must not share it with your friends to remain hygienic.


Women Sex Toys in Mumbai: Frequently shopped women's products

The use of women's sexual products is also rising in Mumbai. Women of all ages are using these products to add value to their thoughts and beliefs about sex. Moreover, there are several options before them. The toys are available in different shapes, types, and materials.


  • Buy a dildo in Mumbai

The use of the sex toy dildo increases among women as they try to find pleasure. The phallus-shaped object can provide satisfaction to women when they are alone. It can also help imitate real sex. It can also help stimulate other erogenous regions like the clitoris and the anus. There are different types of dildos to choose from, and they come in various sizes. There are options for lesbians too, and they can use the double-sided dildo. If you want hands-free pleasure, you can use the vibrating dildo too.


  • Get a vibrator in Mumbai

The use of vibrators for women is also on the rise. Vibrators can help stimulate different parts of the body and help in having an orgasm. They come in different variations, but all of them can provide varying degrees of vibrations to thrill you. You can use them to pleasure yourself. There are non-penetrative ones that you can use only at the tip of the vagina or anus. The penetrative ones can help act like having real sex. It is necessary to use it hygienically and provide powerful vibrations.


  • Ben Wa Balls

The use of kegel balls has been rising after their use in various adult movies. They are ideal for those who seek something new in their masturbation activities. It can lead to vaginal tightness and help provide prolonged pleasure. There are balls of varying sizes that can be inserted into the vagina. You can use them to get rid of loneliness and help work on the pelvic muscles. They are made of various sizes, textures, and weights. The self-orgasm sex toys in Mumbai can intensify masturbation and fulfill your darkest wishes.

Most popular and pleasurable adult products in Mumbai

The use of sex toys in Mumbai is increasing as people are trying out various options independently, with their partner or in groups. There are different adult sexual products. Some of them are unique and provide added pleasure during theme parties too.


  • Sexy Lingerie

The use of sexy lingerie for women can be a welcome change during sexual encounters. They can also be worn during group encounters. It can also act as a confidence booster and help add to sexual fantasies. There are plenty of options and designs for women. It can help you change the way you look at your body and make you fall in love with yourself.


  • Flavored Condoms

Several couples use condoms for oral sex. Some of them also prefer flavored ones, and there are several options available too. They can be a boon for having safe sex and help couples indulge in fellatio before having sex. The flavored condoms can come in different types, too. It can add a new dimension to oral sex, and you can use the flavor chosen by your partner.


  • Products of BDSM in Mumbai

The use of BDSM products is also increasing, and several couples and groups are using sex furniture like a sex swing in their kinky games. They can help the couples try out different positions and awaken their wild side. The use of nipple clamps can help create a mix of pleasure and pain. They can also help bring out the best orgasms. Floggers and mouth gags are other options to indulge in BDSM.

Buy Sex Toys in Mumbai from the online sex toys store, Kaamastra

The use of sex toys in Mumbai is on the rise. It is suggested that you buy adult men's toys online from a reputable store. It will help ensure you receive durable products that are hygienic too. Kaamastra also has the best¬†women's sex toys online¬†for you. It also protects your identity and provides you with a wide range of sex toys. All shipments are discreet, and you receive them within 2 ‚Äď 4 working days.

Sex Toys in Mumbai
Sex Toys in Mumbai

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