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The Unfulfilled Fantasies

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
The Unfulfilled Fantasies

I looked out of my car window. Am I seeing, is right? Was it him who was steering the gigantic motorcycle just next to my car?

Yes, it was indeed my old flame from college with whom I was involved for over a year in a steamy, passionate relationship.

It was a non-committal sort because he was not ready to get into any kind of serious relations at that point in time, but nevertheless, it could not prevent us from getting close, really close to each other.

Blame that impeccable chemistry we shared or the irresistible streaks of passion that often overcomes us at such a vulnerable age.

Whatever it was, his sight brought up those old memories once again in my mind. And even though I am happily married now but I cannot resist myself weaving fantasies with him in my imagination.

Romping up on the College Stairs 

Making up in the weirdest places or forbidden nooks and corners fascinates the human mind always.

And now those memories of lust have started crawling into my mind. I lied on my bed and started imagining, getting naked with him on the stairs of our college.

With the sun going beyond the oblivion and students heading home who could catch us there as we indulge in some real passionate kissing. He would pin me with his usual vigor down on the stairs as I would lie there enjoying every moment of his raunchy ravishment.

Threesome with My Husband 

Now here I have the two most desired men in my life. The one from the past and the one from the present- so how would it feel to let them both pamper me from head to toe till I moan in the pleasure of horny ecstasy?

While the man from the past would get me high by focusing on my milky bosoms, my man from the present would satisfy me with mind-blowing oral sex.

And then they would strive hard to give me multiple orgasms to check out who does it better. A good way to judge it myself, isn’t it?

Forceful Sex 

He sees me, he approaches me, we get the opportunity to be alone and then he rips off my dress and buries his mouth hard into every inch of my body indulging in a quickie sans any gentle lovemaking which speaks only of lust, of the repressed passion that he had kept subdued for so long years.

I moan in pain and pleasure even as he shoves his manhood hard inside my soft spot.

Well, well, well these are all fantasies and there is no harm in imagining, isn’t it?

Unless, of course, if you land yourself up in real trouble being sandwiched by the two men in your lives.

So be safe and just fantasize and you bet you can even give your present sex life a good boost.

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