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Steamy Session At Office

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Steamy Session At Office

The idea of having a steamy round in your office cubicle or the idea of having some hard-core silent sex under the tables is invigorating indeed. Personally, I know a pretty bit of men who crave for such carnal stuff on the condition that they are not caught!

Office romances are tricky as well as risky. With the new sexual harassment laws in the workplace and regulations against flirting in the office, the activity is increasingly turning out to be a singularly bad idea both socially and financially.

We do understand that sexing up the office is a means to attain better focus at work. Jokes apart, for women out there, the office colleague could be the best judge as to how your corset looks.

In fact, men are indeed turned on by the cleavage—more so when they are in an elevator or in a boardroom!

A beautiful colleague who arouses admiration and lust in every man, and who you see on a daily basis is hard to ignore and dangerous to act upon.

Flirting can easily be interpreted as making sexual advances which if reported to the authority will not only result in the loss of promotion opportunities, the risk of being fired and also the specter of police proceedings that can even land you in jail.

Tricky Sex at Office

Having the right dose of sex at the workplace is, therefore, a tricky thing that must be carried out with finesse and tact. You cannot rush in like a bull in a china shop, thinking you are god’s gift to women and propositioning women left right and center.

The best way to go about having a romp in the workplace is primarily to develop trust in the mind of your beloved. Make sure the lust at both levels is at par.

Massage up her boobs in a way that she gets wet soon. Finger her with a deep-set desire and viola—the woman shall hit her G-sot even before you release. The trick to having an office sex romp is to be fast yet effective.

The most opportune moment for seducing her is when she is in trouble and you can play the knight in shining armour and save her from the perils of the big bad world.

A helping hand with the file can soon manipulate into caresses on her softies while she grabs your balls just right. The way you try to devour each other in a jiffy is the pleasure office romps bring in their fold.

Just remember that the security or seniors are not around when you romp it up. The toilet is a hot fave with a Do Not Disturb tag hung on the doorknob.

The Best Way to Wrap Up

Humor is often the best weapon to a girl’s heart. You must pretend to pay close attention to all she says, keep note of her taste and preferences and give her small tokens of your affection like nibbling on the nipples. Make sure she goes in a tizzy while you rub her hard and bring it harder on!

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