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Kaam Tales - Masturbator Story

by Nikita J 11 Oct 2023
Kaam Tales - Masturbator Story

Meet Viraj- A 31 years old bachelor living in Mumbai with his mother, currently single. Last month, he ordered a Fleshlight from Kaamastra.

When we contacted him, he shared his views openly: " I am single to date. It doesn’t mean I am not interested in relationships..just I don’t believe in random hookups. ”

Viraj who is taking care of his mother & family business bluntly spoke-“I know what is right for me at this stage of life. Safe sexual behaviour is very important for everybody”.

He knows about sex toys since he was doing his masters abroad. “When I was doing MBA from abroad, I had seen people visiting adult toys store. This is a quite normal thing there. 

A few days ago when I was searching these products online in India, I saw Kaamastra.comI decided to buy fleshlight from there as it is quite a well-known adult store & products are also reasonable.”

Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid used by men for safe sexual pleasure. It's one of the most bought adult products at Kaamastra.

At the end of our talk, Viraj seemed happy with his purchase. He concluded-“Don’t hesitate to use such products. They actually improve your sexual health & wellbeing.” 

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