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Beginners Guide for Vibrators: Types, Usage & Precautions

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Beginners Guide for Vibrators: Types, Usage & Precautions

What is Vibrator?

A Vibrator is a sex toy that is used to provide gratifying titillating stimulation. The best thing about owning a vibrator is that you have your sexual wellness in your own hands, quite literally, so Congratulations! 

So, the question is: Why do women use vibrators?

Vibrators are battery-operated and rechargeable which makes them the source of intense orgasms for women. Vibrators feel mostly like an already hard penis which works quite brilliantly for people who have trouble climaxing. These are very versatile toys with multiple vibration modes and patterns. This can be used anywhere on the body acting as the best foreplay.

What are The Benefits of Using Vibrators?

1. Solo Masturbation 

Vibrators are excellent for women's solo play. It works as a substitute for men and its vibrating sensations give immense pleasure to sexual climax. 

2. LGBT Relationships

LGBT relationships require a deep level of sexual satisfaction. These vibrators work as a substitute for a real penis for them, So they can enjoy their sexual life better. 

3. Great Pleasurable Sex 

Sex becomes more enjoyable with the facilitation of the vibrator. It enhances happiness and sexual satisfaction.

4. Sex Toys Rejuvenate Vaginas

Variable levels of the hormone estrogen in women due to menopause, PMS, and other individual health variances will result in tightness of the vagina, dryness, mood swings etc. Furthermore, it will result in painful sex and decrease the sex drive. Vibrators play an important role in overcoming these problems by enhancing the tone and versatility of vaginal walls and enhancing sexual sensations.

5. Sex Toys Help Men Too 

Men will take pleasure in toys also. Erectile dysfunction/ stress/ performance anxiety is a common male issue. Providing satisfaction to their women can be an overwhelming burden. Vibrators are a cheap and fun way to relax and spend time with your partner with no performance anxiety.

6. Sex is Not Just Concerning Penetration 

There’s a reason experts stress the importance of stimulation. Most ladies cannot reach to climax through penetration alone. Stimulating the clitoral button is the key to satisfying climaxes and sex toys will make that easier. Vibrators may be extremely helpful for female vaginal pain conditions like vulvodynia where penetration may be uncomfortable or painful.

7. Vibrators May be Better than Medical Dilators for Muscular Contraction

Vaginismus, a condition during which a woman’s duct muscles tense up involuntarily and make penetration uncomfortable. Vibrators make it easier to release muscles tense.

Different Vibrator Types and Which One Should You Buy?

Vibrators have THREE primary types and they are available online:

 Beginners Vibrators

1. Mini Bullet Vibrators:

Bullet vibrators are tiny, and discreet and might be used everywhere around the body, internally or outwardly. They are versatile and good for beginners. They are great for travel, the price is cheap and can be enjoyed by women. Bullets are typically hard-shelled (either plastic or aluminium) or coated with a soft rubber or jelly coating.

2. Clitoral Stimulators:

Some vibrators were designed mainly for clitoris stimulation. A number of these vibrators are wearable and a few are formed to suit your vaginal area. You’ll be able to use these discreet vibrators throughout sex or solo play. These vibrators have a silicone tongue or suction mode which is used to stimulate women's clitoris or nipples. 

Vagina Insertable Vibrator

1. Realistic Vibrators:

A realistic vibrator has a phallic form, with all the main features of an anatomically correct phallus. Realistic vibes vary in size and shape, however, are usually composed of polymer, jelly or rubber materials, giving them a softer feel. Realistic vibes can be used internally or outwardly. They vary in vibration speeds and battery varieties.

2. G-Spot Vibrators:

G-spot vibrators are designed to find and stimulate your G-spot. Some G-spot Vibrators are exhausting and rigid, but some of them are soft and versatile. G-spot vibrators feature a curved or hooked head for targeted stimulation. They are available in different sizes and shapes also. 

3. Traditional Vibrators:

When we think of a standard vibrator, we think of your basic hard-shelled plastic vibrator, measuring anywhere from four to eight inches long and looking like a penis. These vibrators are intended for targeted external and internal stimulation. They vibrate at multiple speeds that are typically controlled by a knob or buttons at the bottom of the vibrator. Older vibrators run on AA or C cell batteries. They vary in power and speed. However, the hard shell means that you’re feeling a lot of vibration.

All In One Vibrators

1. Rabbit Vibrators:

Rabbit vibrators stimulate your vaginal walls and clitoris at the same time. Rabbits have a rotating or undulating shaft that is lined with massaging beads or pearls—this is the half you utilize internally. They additionally feature moving bunny ears that caress and rub your button. Kaamastra stocks all kinds of rabbits, starting from value-for-money buys to luxury models.

2. Toys for Couples:

You can share all the vibrators with your partners. However, some are created to be worn throughout sex, either by him or her. We stock moving phallus rings, hands-free vibrators that she will wear over her button, kits for couples, the Tongue Dinger and finger vibes.

Precautions to Take Before Using Any Personal Vibrator 

Grasping, Holding and Checking Your Vibrator-

  • Take your vibrator and check whether it is charged or not. It must be charged before 1st use, charge it with the included cables.
  • If it takes batteries, discover what kind. Play with the buttons and switches and ascertain what speeds and settings it has. 
  • If it isn’t waterproof, use caution not to get any water close to the battery case or charging mechanism. 
  • Check for sharp edges or seams (these merely are filed down and made safe). 
  • Before the use of the vibrator, make sure that the gadget is efficient for you. 
  • Certify that the battery pack is properly placed and wires are secured. If there are any flaws, return your vibrator before you use it.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use your Vibrator

Set a Date with Your Vibrator

There are different types of vibrators for women available online, each with separate and specific functions. Even though you are excited to try it out, take the time to understand your toy first. Read the manual in the box and watch videos of the same model to understand its workings. Find out what the vibrator is best for, stimulation, foreplay or penetration.

Kick-Start by Arousing Yourself with Vibrator

Using a vibrator for the first time might mean you’re a little nervous and anxious before you even start; it’s always good to set the mood first. Light some scented candles, choose your comfy yet sexy lingerie, dim the lights and make sure you’re aroused. To enjoy using your new toy, start by getting yourself into the mood; choose the medium that helps you the most like porn, erotica, playing with yourself or something else. Arousal will not only accelerate your experience but will help to attain an amazing orgasm.

Understanding Your Vibrators Functions

Play with the settings of your vibrator, experiment and try it out on your hand and other parts of your body to understand the sensation and intensity. When you find a setting that you’re comfortable with, play with familiar spots that you know will help in arousal. You might want to try out Rabbit Vibrator, their design is absolutely delightful to enjoy penetration and clitoral stimulation together.

Lubricants and Vibrators for Easy Penetration

Deciding to use the vibrator for penetration? Keep some lubricant handy even if you are extremely aroused and self-lubricating. Depending on the material of your vibrator, either hard shell or silicone, a good lubricant will help ease your usage as the toy will glide in or on your desired area easily. Start by using it on your inner thigh or on your clitoris before penetration. Since you will know exactly what works for you use the lowest intensity and then move up or keep changing to prolong arousal.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Using a vibrator can be pretty intense, especially if it is your first time. Start slow and make your way up, and by that, we mean to use the lowest setting first. You will need to find your comfortable intensity and to do so use the vibrator on other sensitive areas like your inner thigh, breasts or directly on your nipples in low and high settings. This will not only make it comfortable for you to enjoy but help in lubricating and get you in the mood.

Don’t Skimp on The Cost

When looking to buy Vibrators, remember to go for quality instead of the lowest price. Sex toys are expensive, yes! But keep in mind that these come in contact with the most sensitive areas of your body as well as your partner’s, on and inside. You want to spring for something that’s highest on your budget with the best quality and reviews. Safety first! Plus, a sex toy lasts for a long time, normally years, so you can bet its worth the investment!

Be the boss of your sexual wellness and explore your body; find what works for you and what doesn’t. Sex toys especially a vibrator can help you get intense orgasms, feel free to experiment and remember to relax and enjoy!

Use Vibrators During Sex

Even if you’re planning to use your vibrator with a partner, it’s a decent plan to visualize it by yourself first. You’ll in all probability feel less self-conscious and that will allow you to plan how it will work for you while not being distracted (for better or worse) by a partner.

Safety Tips To Follow While Using a Vibrator

Bottom of Form

Make sure you have got a bit of time and enough privacy. If you’ve got roommates, children, thin walls, or curious neighbours, turn on some music and use blankets and comforters to mute the sound (you can also try obtaining a quieter vibrator).

Play with the Lights On

Not everybody is going to be comfortable with this one, however, playing with a vibrator with the lights on is instructional and helpful.

Don’t Rush: Explore Each Other's Body

Vibrators never get tired (although you may need extra batteries), and they allow you to explore each part of your body for pleasure.

Most women use vibrators for clitoris stimulation and lots of women report that one aspect — or maybe one portion — of their clit responds to vibration better than another. So take time and explore what works best for you and your partner.

Going Deeper

Start slowly with penetration and you’ll find yourself aroused by using the vibrator outwardly first. Some ladies can use good vibrations from a vibrator to seek out and stimulate the g-spot. Pressing the vibrator against the top of your duct (such as pushing it towards your belly) could offer g spot stimulation or maybe indirect clitoris stimulation.

Play with Speed

Most vibrators have various speed settings. Continuously begin on a low setting and work your way up. If the vibrator feels excessively solid at first you can put a towel around yourself and the vibrator, or simply squeeze it gently against your body.

How to Buy, Take Care Of & Clean Your Vibrator?


If your vibrator is battery operated, confirm the batteries are charged before inserting them into the battery compartment. If cells or batteries are designed to figure side-by-side, they ought to be placed with the positive (+) and negative (-) sides in opposite directions. If there are 2 or 3 batteries in an exceeding row, then the positive (+) parties ought to be facing the same direction. Confirm cells or batteries create a firm contact with the vibrator battery contacts and screw the cap on tightly.

Electric Vibrator:

Never use an electrical plug-in(that plugs into the wall outlet) vibrator around water. Any contact with water will produce a severe instinctive reflex. Always use the same precautions with an electrical vibrator that you would use with any other electrical appliance.


Women who try vibrators find water-based lubricants work best for many uses. If you’re planning to use a waterproof vibrator beneath the water, then a silicone polymer primarily based product can work best.


There are two styles – waterproof vibrators and non-waterproof. If you own the waterproof selection, then the vibrator is often merely cleaned with soap and heat water. If the vibrator isn’t waterproof, then you have got to be careful to not get water in or around batteries or the motor. Never immerse a non-waterproof vibrator in water.

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