Welcome Home Maya

lesbian story

I got off work early yesterday because Maya would be in town. It was 8:30 and Maya said her flight from Mumbai would touch down by 9:00. I brought out my phone to look at the screenshot of her itinerary she sent a few days back. I took the taxi I’d called earlier, heading to the airport.

While in the waiting area, I tried not to think of what would definitely happen in the next few nights. We rarely sleep when we’re together. At night, it’s one fuck session after another. We go to sleep exhausted at 6 am, with our juices on our lips, only to wake up by 8. In the shower, we spend some time alternating between fucking with the strap-on and using our favourite double-sided dildo. I snap out of my sultry thoughts when I heard her call my name. We both ran towards each other and ended up in a tight, lung-crushing hug. I haven’t seen her in 3 months. She had a fellowship to attend. While she was gone, it was all work, some red wine and my Rainbow Silicone realistic dildo or Mini Massager. It had two sleeves, one smooth, and the other dotted. I prefer the latter. 

On our way back, we started making out in the taxi. When I touched her vagina I noticed, She had ben wa balls, which I had gifted her, on her last birthday. She loves to wear it at the gym or outside but now she was so excited that she wore it while travelling, so I got the cue about how that night was gonna be. The driver occasionally looked at his mirror, catching us in deep sultry no doubt, but I don’t care about his judgmental stares, I haven’t seen my baby in ages. 

We finally got to our apartment building and the elevator was empty as expected. We stepped in and dragged her luggage behind. As soon as the door closed, I pushed her to the wall, enveloping her lower lips in mine and squeezed her left breast. She moaned and half cried into my mouth. She missed this as much as I had. When we got to the 7th floor, we stumbled out, racing to our apartment at the end of the corridor. I fumbled with the keys, and she reached from behind, her hand was snaking over my slim body. One hand found its way under my top and squeezed my nipple, the other downwards, lightly tracing over my slit with a finger ring massager. I finally got the door open and managed not to stumble over each other.

I turned around and kissed her deeply, grabbing her small but plump ass, over her soft jeans. I quickly undone the button, pulled it down halfway, and prompted her to kick off the rest. I was wearing jeans short, and it's almost off. We rid ourselves of what piece of clothing remained, and briskly engaged in a naked embrace, our nipples grazing each other. I turned her around, grabbed her breasts and kissed her on the neck. She grinds into me, grabbed my ass and the other hand was around my neck for support. She pulled off the kiss, giggled, and then ran towards the bedroom.

She went for the drawer where our toys were, and by the time I caught up with her, she held a few of them, and a wide smile was on her face. 

“So, shall we begin?”, she asked and her voice mimicked some character from a movie.

 I walked towards the bed and lay down with my legs spread wide.

“Your call baby. You’ll start, I’ll finish” I said, 

Her eyes definitely glazed with lust. I could barely make out her frame. I just wanted this woman. Every part of her. Every tiny bit. 

She pounced on me hungrily, ravaged my lips with hers, and squeezed my nipples. She kissed down my neck, and took one nipple in her mouth while she was fondly the other, she lightly bites and sucked. 

There was an urgency we both felt, we had not been together for months. She finally kissed down my thighs and held me in a place with her hands. She lightly flicked over my clit with her tongue a few times. I licked my lips in ecstasy and moaned loudly. She dives in fully, kissing, sucking my clit and her tongue fucking my slit. This was a whole new level to the finger I’d been using these past months. 

The Sensations weren't enough, she thought, She took the vibrator dildo and inserted it into my vagina, that was a big step up though. She was driving me crazy with sensations as she was increasing the speed of vibrations. Each vibration was showing me the different colours of the rainbow. I didn't want her to stop and wanted more undoubtedly. 

Then she reached for the butt plug. I swear I love the way she uses them on me. They were battery-powered and could vibrate while inside you. Maya was a magician with this particular one. She applied some apple-flavoured Lubricant on the butt plug and then rubbed it down my slit, watching as I moaned into my pillow. She slid it in my ass with the lube. My walls had not been filled since she left, and this was a welcome sensation. 

She turned around to pick up anal beads and added some sex oil to them that sexual oil gave a sexy touch to the beads and its fragrance was in the air.  She handed it to me and then turned around to arch her ass up. This was my cue. I ran my tongue on her slit, from behind, removed the kegel balls and my tongue was fucking and licking her vagina, simultaneously inserted the anal beads in her ass and moved in and out. Her ass is beautiful and the beads fit perfectly. The heart-shaped design was more filling and the size increased as I went deeper. I felt her body shaking as the beads disappeared from her butt. 

I slid further down, forcing a 69. She adjusted accordingly, and spread her legs wider. I took in every bit of her petals and gently kissed those beautiful lips. She enjoyed it and I could feel that by her loud moans. I felt her tongue on me and tried not to squeeze her head with my thighs, that feeling was too good. We were like this for some minutes, It was as intense as I remember it. We turned around and kissed each other full on the mouth, our tongues were caressing each other’s mouth as we tasted our combined juices. 

I reached for the vibrating Finger ring. I wanted to fuck her hard but in a teasing way, so I wore a vibe finger ring on my two fingers and inserted it into her vagina. With the help of a vibrating finger ring clit stimulator, I was simultaneously fingering into her vagina and stimulating her clit. I like the response I was getting and was slightly bent to change the angle. She renewed her loud moans and even threw her ass back in sweet ecstasy. Her body jerked a little, and I could tell she was close. 

I removed the Finger ring massager and handed it to her. She grabbed it after a few breaths and wrestled with me, so. She fucked me with that finger ring like she found renewed strength. I loved what she did to me, and I felt my juice leak out. It had been a while since I felt like this. She kissed me, probably to shut me up, but I like the feeling of her tongue sliding across mine.

She paused long enough to get our favourite toy, a double-sided strap on, picked up where the Vibrating Finger ring left off. I loved it for the things we can do with it. It is so beautifully designed. She was on top in a missionary position, motioned towards me, and I spread my leg wider to accommodate her. she slowly pushed one end of the strap onto me, and pulled the other side into her vagina. My legs were up in the air and I screamed loudly in her ears as her pace increased. She did this a few more times before straddling me and sitting on the other end. Once she found her balance, we both moved in unison, gyrating in rhythm, letting the beautiful strap-on fill our walls. We fucked like this for about ten minutes, and the pleasure began to build. I felt that sweetness in my g-spot and she felt it too. 

I pulled out abruptly and wanted to switch positions so I turned around and inserted it again. She grabbed my waist and started fucking me. I bite the pillow to stifle my moans, but I was sure they’re audible. I haven’t been fucked like this in months and my body needed it. We switched positions and I fucked her fast and rough, the way she liked it. With every thrust, I felt the Strap on grazed my g-spot and my eyes rolled back, our moans rent the air and our juices bathe the strap-on. She looked back at me, in a half-moan, half-smile, I know she was close and I was too. We both increased the pace of our thrusts and fucked with reckless abandon. I cum a few seconds later, and she joined me, body quivering and toes curled.  She squirts a little and showered my thighs with some of that nectar.

We fell sideways, lay on the bed and tried to catch our breaths.