Sexy Game With Priya- Part 2

When I took the bus and back home, my mind kept going back to the events of last Friday’s game night. My body tingled a little as I replayed the events. When I got to the bus stop, I stopped by the flower shop to buy a bouquet because Priya loves flowers.

When I reached the home, I noticed movements through the windows leading to the door. She opened the door and hugged me tightly before I could knock. We shared a long deep kiss before we went inside. She really loved the flowers.

It was already 9 pm, and we quickly settled in. We talked about work and other plans for the weekend. We planned to join some friends the next day for a picnic and then camping on Sunday. After about two hours of conversation, she stood up to get some drinks from the kitchen. I walked behind her and grabbed her by the waist just before she got in the kitchen. I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. She melted into my arms and arched her neck to kiss me. We shared a long passionate kiss. She pushed her ass back on my crotch and slowly ground into me.

We both stopped when it was getting intense. There was a whole night ahead of us and no need to rush things.

I picked up the other box of  You & me Game from the counter in the corridor leading to the kitchen. I heard her coming back and I spun around to ask her, “how about we tried this tonight”

She looked at me, smiling, “not what I had in mind, but ok, we can try that”

We both walked back to the living room and sat to play. I went through the instructions while she went to the room, probably to relieve herself, I thought. She returned with one of those string bags I had seen from last week.

I knew what it contained Sex toys.

We emptied the box and went through the contents. There were two card stacks, one for men and the other for women. There was a mini hourglass die and finally the guide leaflets. The die did not have numbers as in the last game, but words are there. We went over the rules a few times. There were joker cards in the stacks that could be used to refuse a forfeit. But they could only be used once.

To start the game though, we both had to throw a die and the person who got the side with “Me” printed on it started first,  So I started the game after winning the toss. It ended on “ME” which meant I had to take the forfeit. I reached for the stack of cards meant for me and picked the first one on top.

I read the detailed instruction and proceeded to do as it said. I put some lube on my hands and turned my palm upwards. Priya moved in front of me, pulled down my pant, and then my briefs. She did all this while looking into my eyes. I couldn’t have broken her gaze if I had wanted to. Next, she rubbed herself against my lubricated palm. First, she was grinding into me, pressing her crotch onto my thumb. She moved back and forth, sliding her slit on my fingers. She did this while supporting herself with her hands on my shoulders. I watched as it happened. I wasn’t supposed to move. She slowly sat on my index finger and continued to move up and down, bobbing her upper body as though she was fucking my finger. She soon added my middle finger and continued to grind. She moaned out loud, squeezing my shoulder in pleasure. After a few minutes, she staggered back, having had enough for the moment. We both wanted to continue the game as it got exciting real quick.

It was her turn. She threw the die and got a “Me” too. She reached for the top card and turned it over. I got lucky on this one. As per the card’s instruction, she started kissing my chest, focusing on my nipples. She bit and grazed her teeth over them, lightly squeezing occasionally. She did this for a few minutes, and I enjoyed every bit of it. She moved back, giggling. I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

We settled back to continue the sexy game. My turn.

I rolled and got another “Me”. I reached for a card. This one had me doing something this time. I stood and helped her up with an arm. As soon as she could stand on her feet, I pushed her to the wall and ran my hands on her skin lightly. I knelt before her and as the card instructed, started kissing her body, starting from her ankles and kissing up to her calves, caressing every area of her body my hands could reach. As I got to her thighs, I grabbed and squeezed her ass. She ran her hand through my hair, moaning as I showered her inner thighs with kisses. I lifted one of her legs on my shoulder and proceeded to devour her pussy. I wasted no time fooling around. I drove my tongue right into her and twirled it around. I flicked my thumb on her clit. She held my head in place and moaned aloud. I continued to lick away, tongue fucking her and lapping up her juices. When I noticed she was on edge, I pulled away and proceeded to kiss my way up, as the card instructed. It said to kiss her all the way up, starting from her ankles. I just spent more time on her pussy and wanted to move upwards. But I never did.

In a fit of the sexual craze, she pulled me up and kissed me, tasting herself. She pushed me back to the sofa and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked the whole length and reached for my balls. She lightly squeezed as she ran her tongue over the length of my dick. At this point, I knew the game was over. After sucking for some time, she stood up, wriggled herself from her panties, and jumped on me. She kissed me hard on the mouth, and slowly reached for my hard dick, taking it in her hand and guiding it into her pussy. She slowly lowered herself, balancing herself on her knee. When I was halfway in, she placed her hands on the headboard of the sofa, and then she started to ride, Recklessly.

 She was aggressive and did not slow down one bit. I knew we would not last long, but we were determined to enjoy every moment. We fucked like this for a while, occasionally kissing as she rode me. I squeezed her breasts and twisted her nipples. She moaned into my ear as she rode and I tried to push back to meet her halfway. When it was getting intense, I forcefully threw her on the sofa and raised her legs up on my shoulder. I entered my dick in her again and fucked her hard. I circled my waist as I went in and out, changing the angle of every thrust. She whimpered, as my dick grazed her walls. We continued like this for longer than I thought we would. After what felt like forever, I felt the pressure building in my balls and soon after the sweet sensation of release. This time I did not pull out. She came just right after, her legs shaking as she did.

We both collapsed on the sofa and ended up sleeping there. We woke up that Saturday in each other’s hands. We talked about random things for a while, and after some time, I asked, “What did you have in mind besides the game last night?” 

She looked at me, smiling as she did, and replied, “I just wanted this. Connecting with you again and…” I kissed her before she finished, and things went on from there. We had an early romp and ended up going late for the picnic.