Sexy Game with Priya- Part 1

Couple game story

Our therapist suggested we should try new things. Before yesterday, we’d gone on trips, had multiple dates and even tried new hobbies together, But nothing seemed to work, Until yesterday’s game night. Priya suggested we should try some Couple games and I honestly thought this would be like a sport like bowling or squash and How that will prepare me for the wild, sensual night?

I got to Priya’s at about 9:30 pm. I honestly didn’t know what to wear, so I settled for something sporty. I wore jogging shorts just above my knee and a workout shirt with matching colour. She met me at the door with a wide smile on her face. I could see that she wasn’t ready, it looked like she just had her bath, as she was still in her bath-robe, But Boy I was wrong and She was perfectly dressed for the occasion. She asked me to come over to the living room. I could see that she had moved things around a bit. A black string bag of sex toys and a box of wipes on the sofa.  She sat on the carpet and signalled me to do the same.

“Krish, I’d like us to try something a little bit different, Like These games might help or we could just have a fun night, Either way…” she said.

I put my hand on her thigh and Said, “Hey, we’ll figure this out, ok?” she nodded, but I could tell she was not reassured.

After the awkward moment passed, she stood up to light a candle. At first, I thought it was to be some form of lighting, but as the lights were off, the sweet chocolate smell that filled the space told me what exactly it was for. She brought back our first game of the night. A medium-sized box. I saw the name written across the top, Pathway To pleasure

The game was really simple. You roll the dice and do whatever the assigned house tells you. There was accompanying dice, Players progress along with the board with each throw. I quickly skimmed through the list. When I looked back up at her, she winked and giggled a little. We had to throw a dice and the one with the highest number will start the game. I got three and she got five.

She went first. She shook the dice in her closed fist and split it. The dice twisted and turned as it hit the floor several times, finally resting to reveal the number five.  She reached for the guide sheet and took a deep breath before reading out loud,

 “hmmm, Have your partner tease you with their tongue… get them to lick chocolate spread from your body.” She Smiled and then added, “it can be spread anywhere you like”. 

I watched her as she read, a little startled at the request, but more excited.

“So where’s the chocolate then?” I asked.

She stretched and reached for something on the sofa and took Chocolate body paint

She sat back down, held the small container in her left hand. She looked at me as she slowly undid the knot on her gown. She opened the container, dipped a finger and rubbed it over her lips, then bent it over her body, pouring some chocolate on her chest, down her cleavage and spreading to her breasts.

She looked at me with a cunning smile playing on her lips and I hungrily stared back. I did not wait for an invitation. The sight of the chocolate on her skin was tempting enough.

I kissed her hungrily and tasted the chocolate on her soft lips. She kissed me back with intensity and both of us moaned. I moved down her neck and took her breast in my hand, squeezed through the thin film of lace of her two-piece lingerie. When I got to her breasts, pushed her bra up and first licked the chocolate. sucked her left nipple, while squeezing the right. I twirled my tongue around her hard nipple, gently caressed it with my lips. I switched to the right, but still continued to lightly squeeze the left nipple. her hands gently massaged my head. After a few minutes, my hand began to slide down her frame to which she countered by holding it in place and pulling back. 

“Hey, the game didn’t say you could do that,” she said, giggled a little.

We settled back to our places. Now it was my turn. I rolled and threw, dice showed two. The guide instructed that I indulged in a massage from her. I promptly laid down, waiting for her soft hands to knead my muscles.

She sat across on my back and started from my shoulders, first using just her thumb and then some more fingers. She took a few drops of the sex massage oil and gently knead my knot muscles, It felt really good. I moaned in ecstasy as she moved lower, traced down my spine and used her knuckles to unknot my muscles. After about five minutes, I felt her move. She laid on me, kissed me on the neck a few times. 

“I Love you, Krish”. She whispered in my ears, With a deep sigh. 

She lifted herself up and sat back in her position. I followed suit. It was her turn to roll and She got four. She moved her card four times to the box labelled nine. We checked the guide and she asked me to take off my shorts. I did, slowly teased her with a sneak peek. She could see the shape of my dick from my thong. I saw her gaze shifting fast from my thong to my face.

Now it was my turn. I rolled the dice and it was number Seven! I looked at the guide and checked the number seven. 

It was “ To pleasure my partner with my mouth” I especially loved this one because there were no clear limits.

I moved close and Her eyes widened in apprehension as I approached. I started kissing her on the cheeks. Her lips still tasted of chocolate. I kissed down her neck, wasted no time getting to her breasts. I repeated the earlier motions. Sucked on one breast while kneading the other, and then switching after some time. I laid her on the rug and tickled her a little. She squirmed and giggled as I did, trying to get away. This was as much fun as we’d gotten since the split. I continued kissing from just under her breasts, She stopped giggling after the first few kisses and I thought I heard her sigh.

I went down to her stomach and ended with a long kiss on her navel. She ran her fingers through my hair when I reached her navel. I slowly kissed my way down lower, reached her lace panties and grazed my nose over her pussy. I ran my tongue over her slit, through the lace panties. She sighed and moaned as I did and pushed my head downwards. I took this as a positive sign and quickly shifted her panties to the side. I had full access because her signs showed she wanted it too.

I ran my tongue a few times, getting loud moans as I did. I finally went in, lapped up her juices and circled my tongue over her clit. She moved around in a circular motion and tried to get more from my tongue’s movement. I continued to eat her out, occasionally fingering her.

I wasn’t done with her yet. I turned her over and kissed her back down to her ass. I moved her robe to one side using my left hand. I kneaded her ass and moved my other hand down her breast. She sighed and moaned, pulled me in with her hand. I slid under her frame. I kissed her lower back and spread her ass with my hands. I kissed around her butt and felt her hand massaging my hair. She was clearly turned on at this point and I could taste her in the air. I teased her a little, lightly ran my tongue along her slit. She moaned but didn’t pull away. I continued doing this for some minutes and when I sensed she was close, I slowed to a stop and kissed my way back up, ending at her lips. We both kissed hungrily.

We sat back down, flustered, From her stroking and pinching my chest to me pinning her on the wall and grinding myself against her, we each alternated teased and pleasured each other. It all took a sharp turn late into the night.

We continued the game. She was on the number sixty-three and then she threw a six, ending in sixty-nine. We both knew what the number said on the guide. We stared at each other for a few seconds. The next thing I remember, we were both reached for each other, frantically relieved ourselves from what piece of clothing was left. She ravaged my lips with hers, stuck her tongue down my mouth. I happily welcomed the intrusion, squeezed her ass, as I kissed back.  I kissed her on the cleavage, fondling her right breast. She drew sultry sighs from her lips and moaned out loud when I took her left nipple in my mouth.

 I stopped and asked her, “what about the game?”

She looked at me angrily and said, “Fuck the game, don’t stop”. 

She pushed my head back in her bosoms and I resumed sucking the right nipple and squeezed her ass. I turned her over, so I was on top of her. I kissed her lips again and ran my hand down her thighs, ended at her crotch. I ran my index finger along her slit, ending at her clit. I massaged her with my thumb while she continued to moan in my mouth. I slid a finger in, she was so wet. I moved down, kissed the inside of her thighs, while still rubbing her clit. I moved to her pussy and licked it with my tongue. 

I moved the hood back with my thumb and flicked my tongue several times around it. She squirmed and tried to move away. It was too intense for her. I held her in place with my hand and continued fucking her with my tongue. I teased her for some minutes, then I stopped and wanted to move upwards, but she quickly pushed me back and wrestled me down. She slid down my frame and took my penis whole in her mouth and rolled her tongue down my dick. It felt so good and I didn’t know when my hand moved to hold her in place. I wanted her to keep doing it.

She started to squeeze my balls while she kept sucking and soon moved down to kiss them. By that time, I’d had enough. I put her to the ground and kissed her deeply. Then I entered my dick into her vagina. I did not waste any time going slowly. She was dripping already. I fucked her hard, her legs were up in the air, her moans filled my ears and her walls were deliciously tight. We had both been starved of each other’s bodies and the passion we displayed was a testament. I continued to fuck her for some time until she gently pushed me off. 

At that point, I thought my fears had come true, but she only turned around and wanted me to fuck her from behind. I was more than happy to do it. Before I slid in, I took Penis Sleeve from that black string bag, quickly put it on and slid my dick into her pussy. Her whole body was shaking, as I went deeper than before. I started slowly and picked up the pace, fucked her amidst her loud moans. We were at it for a few minutes, thighs clashing and sweaty bodies gliding. I rammed in, she pushed back, her juices made everything smooth. I gave it everything and when I couldn’t hold back anymore, I quickly pulled out and spread cum all over her ass, just as she likes it.

We cuddled after and talked about where we would go from there. It was obvious we both wanted to work things out. She suggested and I agreed. I loved what she had done. I saw another game in the bag that we were supposed to play. The game was called You & Me and I made a mental note to start with this later tonight. I mean, definitely, we want another steam session.


Sexy Game Story Part 2