Sexual Pain


Sexual pain


Let your sexual experience be more fun than a painful one, go on this adventurous ride of kinky sex with measures like Lubricants, oils, lubricated condoms, etc. to make sure you can enjoy it without having to worry about Sexual pain.

Pain during intercourse or anal penetration is natural and quite common. The pain turns to pleasure quickly with appropriate arousal, lubrication, and technique. Get relief from Painful Sex by stocking up on your preferred lubricants for intercourse, a wide variety of lubricants and massage oils are available right here at Kaamastra in different flavors and types, you can also find ones that are compatible with sex toys.


Is sex painful?

Yes! The act of penetration is somewhat painful, the vaginal opening is a tight one, and penetrating it with a thick/erect penis would certainly cause slight pain during sex. This Pain during intercourse can easily be soothed by following certain things like indulging in foreplay, being adequately lubricated, using skin-safe water-based lubricants and Oils, etc.

Is Sex Painful the First Time?

The pain threshold varies from person to person and while the very first-time penetration would most certainly hurt it may also cause some bleeding especially if your hymen is intact (which breaks during intercourse). This is nothing to worry about as this is a natural process, while sex is painful the first time there are measures you could take to ease into it with the use of lubricants and of course having an understanding partner.

P.S. – Always use condoms for safe sex and to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


Why and When is Sex Painful?

Sex is fun, at least for the most part but if you do experience discomfort or pain one of these few could be the root cause -

  • Infections present in the genital area
  • Lack of lubrication (causes friction and pain)
  • Stress causes the body to tense up
  • Anal Sex


Solution For Painful Sex

Pain during intercourse can be felt by both men and women. There are inexpensive and rather enjoyable ways to remedy painful sex. Lubricants and oils are the most popular of the lot, and their addition to the bedroom is oh so fun.

Lubricants – 

One of the most popular products, lubricants are a must-have during sex, it eases the friction caused during intercourse and adds the much-needed lubrication to enjoy to the fullest. It is very important to purchase lubes that suit your skin and is compatible with the type of condom you choose

Playboy flavored personal lubricant - aqua
  • Water-Based-

Water-based lubricants are an easy choice and a popular one too. They are safe to use and perfect for sensitive skin, suitable for almost all condoms. 

  • Silicone-Based Lubes – 

Another variation of lube is the Silicone-based lubricants, a sensual product and a must-have if you like to get down and dirty in the shower or Bathtubs. Skin-safe silicone lubes usually need only a one-time application as it does not dry out easily. You can find the best brands in Silicone lubes right here at Kaamastra, check out the frequently bought -

  • Oil-Based Lubes – 

A sensual massage is ideal foreplay, not only does it get you and your partner in the mood but also stimulates your erogenous zones, oil-based lubricants are multipurpose as they can be used during intercourse as well as to perform an unforgettable massage on your partner. 


A very effective solution to painful sex is the use of Oils. many causes of painful sex revolve around a lack of lubrication and arousal. With the use of massage oils, you can indulge in foreplay, stimulate yourself and your partner with the sensation of touch and help lubricate enough to avoid pain during intercourse.

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