Sexual Drive


Sexual Drive

Men and women both react to sex in different ways. Libido or Sexual Drive is an integral part of a person’s life affecting one’s sexual activity, frequency, and satisfaction. The need or want to have sex is a physical and a psychological one which we so fondly call - Sexual Desire.

Hormones, particularly estrogen in women and testosterone in men affect arousal, cause lubrication, and increase sexual desire. But with time, age, and various other factors involved, these hormones and the libido fluctuate. Low libido in both men and women can be treated with the range of attraction and arousal products available at

What are the Causes of Low Sexual Desire?

Sexual desire in men and women fluctuates, instead, decreases due to various physical, psychological, or environmental factors. Common causes of low libido are low testosterone production in men, low estrogen levels in women, age, smoking, alcohol consumption, work-life imbalance, chronic health issues, stress, lack of sleep, relationship distress, and many more.

While most of these factors can be treated with a change of pace and habits in one’s life, low libido is a serious issue that many people face today. The use of ayurvedic and skin-safe arousal products can boost sexual health and your relationship.

Male and Female Arousal Products

The natural extract of ayurvedic herbs has healing properties, is nutritious to consume and directly affects sexual health in both men and women. Male and Female arousal products at Kaamastra cater to one and all with their effectiveness, pricing, and properties.

Male Arousal Products

You can find a plethora of male arousal products at Kaamastra from libido enhancement pills like the Love Bird Capsules 5 x 10 Capsules, penis enlargement creams & gels to oral drops like the Shilajeet SS 5 X 10 Capsules and experience a visible spike in sexual desires, passion, and quality of erections.

                     Love Bird Capsules 5x10Shilajeet SS 5 X 10 Capsules

Female Arousal Products

The unique range of female arousal products caters to women’s sexual needs; the Doc Johnson Pussy Licker Oral Sex Gel Strawberry, 50g and Spot On G Spot Stimulating Gel For Women, have been carefully designed to make sex more fun for women than already is.

                          pussy lickerSpot on G Spot Stimulation Ger for women

Best Solutions to Increase Sex Drive

Kaamastra gives you the freedom to choose supplements, creams, oils, and gels to help increase libido, decide what you desire, and reap the benefits of these all-natural products. Ashwagandha, shilajit, Safed Musli, ginseng, moringa, horny goat weed and many powerful herbal ingredients make up the arousal medicines, creams, and gels at Kaamastra.



Some bestsellers medicines at Kaamastra are –

Dabur Shilajit Sexual Empowerment For Men And Women 100 Capsules – 

    Shilajit increases potency and fertility in men; it also helps boost stamina and strengthens the body.

                          Dabur Shilajit Sexual Empowerment For Men And Women 100 Capsules –


  • Wild Cat Capsules 1 X 10 – 

    As quirky as the name is, the wild cat capsules are designed to increase estrogen levels in women and help boost libido; packed with ayurvedic herbs, these capsules have no side effects and are safe to consume.

                     Wild Cat Capsules 1 X 10 –


Creams –

Some bestsellers at Kaamastra are –

  • Shunga Dragon Virility Cream – 

        Shunga is a brand trendy for curating arousal products from flavoured massage oils to vitality creams and more. The Shunga dragon virility cream needs to be applied right before intercourse and heightens stimulation for both partners.


                         Shunga Dragon Virility Cream – 

  • Kaamastra Titan Gel Penis Enlargement For Men – 

      One of the most common problems of low libido in men is feeling inadequate due to penis size; overcome your woes with the titan gel which increases the elasticity of the penis skin and increases penis size.

                            Kaamastra Titan Gel Penis Enlargement For Men –


Oils –

Some bestsellers at Kaamastra are –

  • Golden Night Oil 15ML – 

        Increase libido with testosterone production and better penile strength; the golden night oil is a favourite among Kaamastra customers for its properties promote stronger erections and sexual desire.

                      Golden Night Oil 15ML –


  • Karant Oil 15ML – 

      The use of arousal oil directly on the shaft of the penis increases effectiveness and works wonders. Karant oil is a herb-packed aid for men fighting erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

                              Karant Oil 15ML –


  • Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil - Sensual Mint - 100ml -

    As the name suggests, this intimate oil acts as an aphrodisiac and intensifies your sexual performance. Say goodbye to the loss in libido with this sweet and sensual mint oil.

                   Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil - Sensual Mint - 100ml -


Sex Toys to boost sex drive

Sex toys can boost sex drive in the most pleasurable ways, while your mood and desire can be affected by physical and environmental factors the addition of a toy brings novelty into the relationship and urges curiosity in both men and women.

Sex toys for men – 

The stress of the job, lack/increase in physical activity, irregular sleep patterns, and many more reasons affect libido in men, which is why sexual stimulation with dedicated products like Prostate massagers, urethral sounds and vibrating cock rings can help achieve better penis health and boost sexual drive.


Kaamastra Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager With Remote Control (UNISEX)

This kind of Prostate Massager is a trending sex toy among men, frequently bought and loved. These massagers are designed in a slightly curved shape that provides easy access through handles to firmly hold the toy and insert just enough to enjoy. The male g-spot or prostate contributes towards male orgasms and is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for men.

                      Kaamastra Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager With Remote Control (UNISEX)


For many, Urethral Sounding is an extreme measure, the act of inserting a foreign object into the urethra. Initially, it started as a medical practice and now contributes to satisfying sexual fetish, increasing libido and providing utmost satisfaction to men (when done right). As a beginner one can choose the Kaamastra Urethral Dilators Stainless Steel Penis Plug (urethral sounding) which comes with a ring that’s not only convenient to hold but also intimates you exactly up where it’s safe to insert.

                     Kaamastra Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager With Remote Control (UNISEX)



Waterproof vibrating cock rings and non-vibrating cock rings are perfect for sexual stimulation, especially if you are suffering from a loss in libido. The pulsating vibrations stimulate blood circulation and the placement of the ring traps blood flowing towards the shaft, an ideal sex toy for men to increase their sex drive and have satisfactory orgasms.


Sex Toys for Women – 

Age, stress, childbirth, loose vagina, menopause, health conditions and many more factors can affect low libido in women, in fact, most women go through a loss of sexual desire sometime in their life. Encourage vitality and vigour with fun and sensual toys dedicated to satisfying women completely.



The most popular sex toy for women vibrators has innumerable benefits. Apart from being a source of undeniable pleasure, these vibrating toys add a sense of newness to the bedroom. Like Key Vela Massager - Pink Helps women explore their bodies and understand their vagina (and its needs). This is one of the most effective ways to enhance sex drive.

Different types of vibrators are:
  1. All In One Vibrator      2. Clit Vibrator         3. Insertable Vibrator        4. Discreet Vibrator        5. Panty Vibrator

   Vibrator massager          Rabbit vibrator                  Bullet Vibrator                  Discreet vibrator               Panty Vibrator


Kaamastra Double Eggs 10-speed Vibrator and Graduated Kegel Ball Set

Popularly used for Kegel exercises, ben wa balls (two hollow or weighted balls) strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help tighten the vagina which is why they are frequently used by women to increase their vaginal health and Libido.

             Graduated Kegal Ball set Kaamastra Double Eggs 10 speed Vibrator


  • DILDOS – 

Dildos are penis-shaped, flexible and widely loved toys. Dildos stimulate the vagina walls and add realism to the experience, products like the Kaamastra Transparent Sheer Bumps Pyrex Glass Dildo helps women take charge of penetration themselves and enhances sexual desire.

                         Kaamastra Transparent Sheer Bumps Pyrex Glass Dildo

Why Choose Kaamastra for Libido Products?

Why suffer from low libido when you have Kaamastra to take care of all your sexual needs? Shop for natural, safe and effective products that help in bringing back your need for that big O. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with discreet and fast delivery within 2-4 business days across India. 


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