Premature Ejaculation


premature ejaculation

Medicine remedies to overcome Premature ejaculation in men are widely used these days, and the early climax is a serious problem affecting libido and confidence in men. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common concerns that men face in the bedroom, It has been recorded that one out of three men faces this issue at some point in their life and while for most men this is simply a temporary problem for many it is affecting their sex drive and sexual wellbeing.

Shop online at Kaamastra for the best brands in Medicine for premature ejaculation, There is a wide range of specially curated products in the form of Ayurvedic supplements, delay sprays, and sex toys that can be used as a Premature ejaculation treatment for men.

Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

To understand the solution or treatment, one must first identify the causes for premature ejaculation. There are several reasons why men could face premature ejaculation in the bedroom 

  • Erectile dysfunction-  

    Erectile dysfunction is one of the root causes of early climax or not being able to ejaculate at all, The inability to stay erect for a longer time affects sexual performance. 
  • Constant stress or anxiety 

    Whether physical or mental, it can have an effect on your performance in the bedroom. Constant work stress or personal relationship misunderstandings cause a lack of arousal. 
  • Loss in libido

    A common problem in all adults, it can essentially be triggered by a lot of physical factors like obesity, illness or diseases, or simply side-effects of medications. 
  • Penis size & penis health: 

    Men and women exude pheromones when they are confident and aroused, weak penis health and small penis size can easily cause low self-esteem or confidence in bed.

To Cure premature ejaculation, you can resort to the plethora of Organic and healing products available at Kaamastra. The Solution to premature ejaculation can be found in a range of Ayurvedic herb-packed pills, natural skin-friendly sprays, or arousing sex toys.

Ayurvedic Solution to cure premature ejaculation

Pills for premature ejaculation

One of the most common medications for premature ejaculation are oral tablets and capsule supplements, These are made from ayurvedic herbs and are packed with nutrients and minerals, Not only do they cure premature ejaculation but also boost stamina and overall penis health. Pills for premature ejaculation at Kaamastra have no side effects, are safe to use, and are a non-invasive way to remedy this very serious problem affecting your sex drive. These are some supplements you can opt for and use discreet delivery option while ordering:

The Shilajit sexual empowerment capsule performs well in men by strengthening the penis, improving fertility, and regulating stamina in the body. Whether you have been feeling inadequate with a partner or while masturbating, attend to your woes with this nutrient-packed shilajit empowerment capsule.


Shunga Dragon Virility Cream:

The Shunga Dragon virality cream is made with the intention of prolonging erections and sex in the bedroom, This works wonders as a treatment for premature ejaculation, Apply it to the shaft before intercourse and enjoy your sexy time worry-free.

L-arginine is an amino acid and is extremely vital for the body, These vegan supplements are safe to use and promote good blood circulation, helping enhance your penis health & erections too.

One of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs with innumerable remedies and healing properties is Ashwagandha; it boosts immunity, increases stamina, and is very effective in prolonging intercourse and delaying ejaculation successfully.


Sprays for premature ejaculation

Apart from pill supplements, one can also choose to use Sprays as a treatment for Premature ejaculation. The spray comes in direct contact with the skin, which makes it a more effective and quicker remedy as well as a non-invasive one. Most of these all-natural delay sprays at Kaamastra work wonders for erectile dysfunction, which plays a very big role in increasing blood circulation, promoting stronger erections, and, in turn, curing premature ejaculation in men.

Delay sprays desensitize the shaft of the penis; this helps stay longer in bed and delays climax. The effect of the spray is quick, and it stays for a couple of hours, making sure you have a good time and so does your partner.

Using a delay spray prolongs your time in the bedroom, and as the name suggests, the Viga desensitizing spray is a strong and effective one that will increase sex drive and your sexual wellbeing.

With a serious condition like premature ejaculation, one must turn to remedies that are skin-safe, effective, and pocket-friendly too. The deadly shark spray is a customer favorite at Kaamastra. 

Toys for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects sexual health and relationships in many ways, lack of arousal stems from low confidence, especially if you have been dealing with untimely ejaculation in the bedroom. Including a toy in the mix brings a novel approach to sex and shifts the focus towards using the toy, induces times for foreplay, and more such techniques that prolong your sexual encounter.

Vibrating – 

Vibrating sex toys for men, specifically penis rings, can be a very effective tool in treatment, The rings are worn around the penis, which retains blood flowing towards the shaft and encourages stronger erections. Vibrating penis rings are not only fun but an ideal choice for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is one of the root causes of early climax.

Enhancing sexual health and curing premature ejaculation open up new and exciting avenues for men. Attend to that erogenous zone (the perineum) you didn’t know about and enjoy longer erections and delayed ejaculation with the Screaming, Slinging, and cockring.

Respect Your Dick 10 Function Love Ring 

The 3 different speeds and 7 patterns of pumping vibrations to choose from will really make you respect your dick, Enjoy this 10-function love ring with dual stretchy silicone bands to stimulate the penis and the scrotum.


Non-Vibrating – 

While vibrating sex toys do their part and truly boost erection health, non-vibrating sex toys too, like the cock rings, work their own magic. A more manual approach here gives you the freedom to choose how long you want the foreplay to be, enjoy oral sex, and more while wearing a non-vibrating penis ring.

Kaamastra Men's Black Three-Delay Penis Lock Ring 

This hardcore product is a must-have if you’re struggling in the bedroom, The penis lock ring contains three rings that go around your penis and scrotum, massage your penis, enjoy oral sex, or perform intercourse. With this, you can last longer in bed and delay gratification.

Kaamastra Men's Delay Ejaculation Cock Rings, Pack of 3

 Looking for some fun? Use the delayed ejaculation cock rings with a partner or for masturbation to restrict blood flow towards the penis shaft and enjoy longer and firmer erections. Penis health and strength define your time in bed. This pack of three comes with different designs and sizes to keep it fun. 

Couple with premature ejaculation issues

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