Kaamastra Sex Points Program

Earning Sex Points:

1. You've joined the Kaamastra Club : Sign up at Kaamastra -> Receive 1000 Kaamastra Sex Points

2. Muah :* - Sexy things are on the way : Place an Order -> For every Rs. 100 you spend on Kaamastra, you get 50 Sex Points. 

3. Share the Joy! : Refer a friend -> When they place their first order, you and they both get 500 bonus points each!

4. Did you love it? : Write a review -> Get 100 Sex Points!

5. Power Sex Guru: Refer friends who totally placed more than 25 orders -> Get 10,000 Bonus Points!

6. You're a Player: Order Over 10 Times -> Get 5,000 Bonus Points


Spending Sex Points:

Check your balance of Sex Points in your account. 

On the checkout page, you'll see an option to redeem your points to avail awesome discounts on your next orders!


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