Honeymoon- Sex For The First Time

Honeymoon sex for first time

Our marriage came as no surprise. We were practically inseparable from childhood. Our parents were on good terms, and everything went smoothly as expected. The only tense moment was when we announced to both our families that we would be having our honeymoon in Shimla. It took a lot of shouting and intense conversations to force our way through. They all wanted something fancy—Europe or somewhere in Asia, like Bali—but Abhishek stood his ground, and here we are, hand in hand, walking towards a smiling Rina, our guide.

When we got to the hotel, she left us to freshen up and rest a little. But we had other plans.

From the moment the door closed, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I’ll admit, I rushed at him first. I’d been horny throughout the flight and even had to go to the bathroom with my rabbit vibrator. It was 5 minutes of muffled moans and an electric buzz. I tried not to set the speed too high, so I would not cum. I was so excited and wanted to enjoy each and every moment.

I kissed him hard, moaned into his mouth, and massaged his balls through his trousers. He responded by grabbing my ass. He lifted me while we were kissing and carried me over to the sofa. I remember he kissed my neck and frantically pulled off my dress. He shifted my lace-open bra and started sucking on my left nipple while fondling the right. His teeth grazed my nipple, and I yelped. He pulled on his gold shorts to reveal his well-chiselled body. He was looking so hot. I raised myself up a little so that he could pull down my matching crotchless lace thong. He continued to kiss down my body, stopping to circle his tongue around my navel. It both tickled and turned me on. He kissed my thigh, and I felt tingles down my spine. I knew what was coming next, But he abruptly stopped. I looked up and saw him walking towards the entrance and I realized he was going for our luggage. He came back with a little black-string Sex Toys bag. My mini frown widened into a big grin. 

He dropped the Sex Toys bag just beside the sofa. Now I took his dick in my mouth, twirling my tongue around the head before taking the whole length. It tickled my throat, and I gagged a little, but adjusted and continued bobbing up and down his big dick. This drew some sighs as he ran his fingers through my hair. I fondled his balls as I kept sucking and quickly wore a penis ring around his dick to let him enjoy the insane vibrations himself. The response I was getting was insane, and he went down crazy. 

He pushed me down on the sofa, diving his tongue first between my thighs. Then he found my clitoral area, and his tongue lashed and kissed desperately. One moment he was sucking on my clitoral area, and the next thing I knew, his right middle finger, with the textured glove, went right in my pussycat. The sensation on my walls was pure ecstasy. I remember the ribbed and textured edges and how they always drove me crazy when he used them on me. Now I think I fried some brain cells in those first few seconds. He continued licking my clitoral area and alternating between his middle and index fingers. It was one of the sexiest feelings. 

I kept gyrating to meet the thrusts of his fingers. I felt my walls contract at his fingers moving in me. He stopped after a few minutes and turned to pick up the 3 beads butt plug. He reached for the bag and dug his hand in it, taking out the sex oil. He dropped some of it on my body to massage and relax me. I could smell the sexy fragrance of that sex oil. He applied some sex oil to the plug and spread it around the surface with his other hand. My breath shortened in anticipation.

He didn’t have to turn me around. I spread my legs as wide as the sofa would allow. Slowly, he drove the plug into my ass, his right hand searching for something. I saw an egg vibrator in his hands afterwards. He inserted that into my vagina and took control by remote. He was teasing me by changing different vibration speeds. That was the craziest moment for me. I licked my lips at the erotic feeling of being filled up. With the plugin in place, he was driving me hard from both sides. 

After about five minutes, he stopped, sensing I was close. He rose above me, and soon we were face-to-face. He kissed me deeply, while I hungrily kissed him back. He took some lubricant, applied it to his dick, and slowly inserted his dick into my pussyfoot with a penis ring there, inch by inch. The lube fragrance was arousing both of us. I felt every vein as he eased himself in slowly. He pulled out his dick fully, rubbed the head against my swollen clitoral area a few times, and then put it all back in again. He started fucking slowly, then he picked up the pace. I could hear my moans and they sounded loud. I didn’t care though, we were on the fifteenth floor. He kept going for a good ten minutes and I enjoyed every moment of it. We kissed a few times and he squeezed my left nipple to make it more intense. He pulled out slowly and removed the penis ring as well.

I knew we were not done; none of us had finished yet. He turned me around, setting me on my knees. He reached into the string bag again, this time pulling out a finger-O tip and a penis sleeve. Now I knew I was in big trouble. He wore the penis extension on his dick, holding my waist as he drilled sweetly into me and started to put it in my pussycat from behind. He easily slid in, as I was super wet. The penis extension kept caressing my g-spot, pushing me to a screaming, toe-curling orgasm. He filled me up quite well, but with this sleeve, I think he reached my A-spot. He didn’t bother to build up speed, then he fucked me hard from the first thrust. I loved that he did not hold back. He kept at it, and I could only hold the sofa headrest for support, throwing my ass back. I think we should have made a video. It was so fucking hot. 

After some time, he pulled out and also took out the butt plug. I felt cheated, as I loved when the two holes were filled. He put his finger with the finger-O tip In my pussycat, grazing my walls. It felt like I had multiple fingers inside me, all causing major sensations. I moaned uncontrollably and pushed off the throw pillow I’d been using for support. It all felt too good. Maybe it was being far from home or the excitement of marrying my best friend, but every little touch was intense. When he’d driven me crazy enough he took out his finger and licked it clean, looking at me.

He made me lay on my side, shifting to position 69. He took Jelly Vibrator, slid in my pussycat, and started kissing my clitoral area. Simultaneously, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked it harder and faster. He squeezed my nipple as he fucked me with a vibrator. He knew my body so well, and when I was close, he increased my vibrator speed and fucked me till my eyes rolled back. I think I was having seizures for minutes. The orgasm was literally mind-blowing, and I must have blacked out. I rewarded him with deep kisses on his dick, and he was also close. We both came at the time.

We struggled to catch our breaths, occasionally stealing kisses and small laughter. I rolled over on him and kissed him deeply before I started walking towards the bathroom. He joined me soon after.