Boring Sex Life

Boring sex life

Do you think sex is boring but you’re unable to tell your partner? Are you in a boring sex life or a boring relationship? More often than not, no matter how good a relationship is, sex performance can affect it in a big way. With the help of Vibrating sex toys, bondage accessories, fun sex games, and more available at Kaamastra, you can put a much-needed halt on boring sex and bring back the wild times between the sheets.

Speed up your boring sex life by getting rid of sexual anxiety with the use of safe and effective sex toys, restraints, dice games, card games, and more. A monotonous sexual routine can also cause sex anxiety. 


Reasons for sexual boredom

Being bored in bed, especially with a partner beside you is not a good sign. Identify the root cause of your lack of interest or Bored Sex Life and fix that with a range of goodies you can try to boost your sex life. Some reasons for sexual boredom are–

  • One of the most common sex problems is monotony in sex positions. The same positions every time can lead to boredom in the bedroom and at some point, it will even result in low libido.
  • Another reason sex gets boring for some people is when you skip all the foreplay and jump right into it. Maybe when you start, the ‘hot and heavy, works just fine; but with time, it will get boring really fast. Foreplay is an essential part of arousal.
  • Many times, couples have fantasies and want to explore their imagination with cosplay, bondage, etc. Sexual boredom can be caused when these needs are not met, check out the vast collection of cosplay paraphernalia and bondage accessories at


Things you should try to spice up your sex life

Everyone wants to enjoy healthy sex life and keep their relationships grounded. Here are some things you must try in the bedroom to keep that spice meter high.

You know this by now and probably already have some goodies in your toy box. Sex toys are a big Yes for the bedroom. There are dedicated toys made to satisfy men and women individually made with the best quality materials at Kaamastra.

Women Sex Toys – 

Using sex toys is the easiest way to satisfy your cravings in the bedroom, whether your looking to excite yourself by your lonesome or indulge in something wild with a partner, adding toys to the equation can keep your sex drive going and keep things interesting with your partner. Some of these are-

  • Key Ceres G Massager-Robin Blue                                                                                                                                                                                            

                 Key Ceres G Massager - Robin Blue - 


  • Graduated Kegel Ball Set 
                     Graduated Kegel Ball Set -


  • Kaamastra Women Love Sex Machine (Purple)   

                   Kaamastra Women Love Sex Machine (Purple) -

 Men Sex Toys – 

Well, it’s true, men and women both can be bad at sex but with the right toys and techniques, your sex life can be the highlight of your relationship. Here are some sex toys which you should try-

  • Kaamastra Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager with Remote Control                               
                      Kaamastra Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager with Remote Control-


  • Kaamastra Deep Pleasurable Masturbator Fleshlight-
                              Kaamastra Deep Pleasurable Masturbator Fleshlight-


  • Kaamastra Men Delay Ejaculation Vibrating Butterfly Cock Ring
                             Kaamastra Men Delay Ejaculation Vibrating Butterfly Cock Rings-


Unisex toys or Couple toys – 

Celebrating what you have together as a couple in the bedroom can be really fun, especially if you share the same interest in owning exciting unisex toys. Some Kaamastra favourites range as follows- 

  • Screaming O Orny Vibe Rings – Red-

                      Screaming O Orny Vibe Rings – Red-

  • Kaamastra Rechargeable Double Bullet Love Eggs Vibrator (unisex)-

                   Kaamastra Rechargeable Double Bullet Love Eggs Vibrator (unisex)-


  • Kaamastra Fantasy Vibrating Anal Beads- Blue-

                      Kaamastra Fantasy Vibrating Anal Beads- Blue-


There can never be a dull moment in bondage, introduce the art of restraints, pain products and cosplay goodies into your lovemaking and your boring sex life to excite those sparks again.

Sex Furniture – 

Positions, positions, and so many positions, which one should you choose? Sex furniture adds much-needed support for your body while catering to several positions that you can enjoy with a partner. Some must-have bondage gear includes-

  • Kaamastra Basic Series TheMiNi LoveRollers – Black Leatherette Fabric-

                  Kaamastra Basic Series TheMiNi LoveRollers – Black Leatherette Fabric-


  • Kaamastra Over-The-Door Position Restraints 

                    Kaamastra Over-The-Door Position Restraints 


  • Kaamastra Heavy Duty Black Sex Swing  

                        Kaamastra Heavy Duty Black Sex Swing  


All in one Bondage – 

One of the ways to excite your partner in bed is why surprising them with gifts, presents are welcome any time and one that comes with mouth gags and handcuffs will surely be welcomed with some love. Check out the customer favourites-

  • Kaamastra Heart Beat Silicone Heart Shaped Mouth Gag-

                 Kaamastra Heart Beat Silicone Heart Shaped Mouth Gag-

  • Kaamastra Wrist Restraint Handcuffs-

                Kaamastra Wrist Restraint Handcuffs

  • Kaamastra Nude Silver Nipple Clamps-

             Kaamastra Nude Silver Nipple Clamps-



Playing around with your partner in the bedroom can bring back fond memories, rekindle the spark and introduce many different ways to enjoy sex. Sex Dice games, sex coupons, card, and board games can all be found at

Dice – 

Yes! The little old dice associated with a million other games can actually prove to be quite a sensual toy for couples, there is a wide variety of sex dice and dice games available at Kaamastra that are compact little toys that can be stored discreetly and travelled with easily too. One of the best ways to overcome boredom in the bedroom is to take away the decision-making process from your hands and simply be spontaneous or rather, listen to a die. Check out here-

  • Kaamastra Lets F*ck Dice Game-

                            Kaamastra Lets F*ck Dice Game-

  • Kaamastra 12-Sided Sexual Gestures Dice- Green- 

                        Kaamastra 12 Sided Sexual Gestures Dice- Green- 


Coupons – 

If you thought gift cards are sexy, sex coupons are the real deal, taking gifting up a notch with its creativity pleasure coupons include several scratch cards or gift coupons that can be redeemed for sex. It includes a variety of sex positions and gestures your partner can redeem whenever they want. Fun, right? So let's try these Coupon booklets here-

  •   Kaamastra 10 Pleasure Coupons For Him-

                           Kaamastra 10 Pleasure Coupons For Him-

  •   Kaamastra The XXX Coupon Book  

                  Kaamastra The XXX Coupon Book  


Cards –

Couples love playing games in the bedroom, it adds a sense of novelty and breaks the monotony. These erotic cards also make for sensual gifts for couples and friends as well as bachelorette party gifts. You will be playing with so much more than just cards. Try Here- 

  • Sex & Mischief Playing Cards

                 Sex & Mischief Playing Cards

  • 50 Positions of Bondage

               50 Positions of Bondage


Board Games – 

Most couples feel very passionate about game nights and with board games involved the stakes are high, here’s a twist on your average board game. buy here for more fun-

  • Kaamastra You & Me-

                 Kaamastra You & Me-

  • Kaamastra Bound By Love Game-

                  Kaamastra Bound By Love Game- 


  • Roleplays Costumes :

Fantasies play a big role in arousal and satisfaction, for couples looking to explore costume play it is important to communicate what your fantasy is and what turns you on (as well as your partner). Roleplaying can certainly break the monotony in the bedroom and bring you closer to your partner in many ways.

For Men – 

There is a wide selection of roleplay costumes for men available at, these cosplay attires are made with good quality fabric and are available at pocket-friendly prices. Seduce your partner as a handsome hunk here- 

  • Kaamastra Red & Black men fireman outfit Costume- 

                      Kaamastra Red & Black men fireman outfit Costume- 

  • Kaamastra 2 Piece Barbarian Gladiator Costume For Men-

                     Kaamastra 2 Piece Barbarian Gladiator Costume For Men-


For Women – 

Women are sexy in all shapes and sizes, adding costumes simply adds to your sexiness and attracts your partner while playing out your/his fantasies. Cheer him up in a sexy and hot way-

  • Kaamastra Nurse Costume Set-

                     Kaamastra Nurse Costume Set-

  • Kaamastra Order Me Maid Costume-

                   Kaamastra Order Me Maid Costume

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