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Tips on how to carry sexual toys while travelling

by Nikita J 06 Oct 2023
Tips on how to carry sexual toys while travelling

It is boring to travel alone as you have no other person to talk to or spend time with, and you feel empty. Sometimes people miss the bedroom things while travelling or their better half's presence at the moment, So they prefer to carry their sex toys with them. Some people want to experience, and some want to explore as people have fantasies to indulge sexually at different places but cannot perform that with their partner and need sex toys to fulfil that fantasy. The good news is that you can carry sex toys on long-haul flights. However, there is a catch! You cannot take all sex toys as some are not allowed for security reasons.


Is it Legal to Carry Adult Toys with You if you Travel?

One of the severe problems on flights is that whatever you carry must not be considered a weapon by government officials. You may wish to take a metal or glass dildo, but it can be viewed as a security nightmare by security personnel. There are chances that you might be charged and the material confiscated. It is better to carry only the smaller ones, which can easily fit into your luggage and not cause a security issue. Some possible triggers include impact toys, ropes, BDSM toys, etc. You should not be anxious, but it is better to avoid any toy which can evince interest among the security at airports.

There is a specific class of items which classified as obscene materials. There is a 2011 judgement of the Calcutta High Court that stated that sex toys could not be considered prohibited articles. While article 292 of the Indian Penal Code restricts the sale and distribution of obscene articles, the Honourable High Court mentioned that not all sex toys could be considered obscene. Some toys like the egg vibratorsex lubricantmale masturbator, etc., can be carried on flights. There are anal toys which are also allowed on flights in India.


How to Choose Sex Toys which will be Best Suited while Travelling?

You must travel with the sex toys discreetly, and it is better to have a detailed understanding of the ones you can carry easily with you. It is better to take toys that need not be recharged or made from soft materials. We will discuss how to choose the ones in your baggage when travelling.

  • Size

One of the critical factors to consider is the size of the toy. The sex toys you choose to travel with must be portable and lightweight. Ensure you are not carrying glass toys as they can break when pressed. Similarly, you must not select toys which are too huge to be included in your baggage. Some, like full-size sex dolls or huge dildos, can create a problem at the airport.


  • Discreetness

Many of us worried about the airport X-ray machines able to screen the toys we carry in our baggage. It suggested that you choose only the discreet options available to you. There are few egg and rabbit vibrators which cannot readily pass off as sex toys. Some of them could look like a massager, a necklace, lipstick or even a USB stick.


  • Battery Operated or Rechargeable

Do not carry any toys that are rechargeable or operate on batteries. It is a risky item to carry on flights. The chances are meagre that it will start on its own and create a scene on the flight. However, there could be chances the batteries can leak and make a mess in your baggage. Still, if you want to carry such items, ensure they are discreet and keep away the batteries. Moreover, batteries can also be a restricted item. You must check with the airlines about the prohibited items.


  • Type of Sex Toys       

The space in your baggage is not a luxury that you can afford for sex toys, especially if you are going on a long tour. If you have a short trip with only hand baggage, you need not be too concerned about the space available. However, you must consider only portable items if you plan to carry them on a trip. The cock ringsbutt plugs, and mini vibrators are some of the standard options which are small and preferred by several people. There are some rechargeable options, too but remember to separate the batteries before loading them into your baggage. Packing them in soft cloth is better than taking their boxes. Moreover, carry only the cheaper options from your toy set as the chances of breakage are high.

Remember these things if you are carrying pleasure toys while travelling. 


  • Have a Checklist in Place

You must have a checklist that you can tick off once the activities are done. The list can start with the need to research the sex toys allowed on flights. Do research by visiting the airports or Customs websites. You can understand the items forbidden on flights.  

When you have finalised the toys you can carry with you, check for the portable ones as they are inconspicuous and can fit into your luggage. You must take the required battery types if they are battery controlled. Also include the required lubes and disinfectants to ensure the toys remain hygienic and prevent rashes. The airlines may have restrictions regarding the lubricants. Talk to the customer support team and confirm if the type of lube you use is allowed on the flight.


  • Ensuring Proper Hygiene for the Sex Toys

You must consider proper hygiene practices when carrying your sex toys on flights. If they come in a box, you can also consider taking them. However, if the container is not portable, you can wrap it in a towel or any other soft items you are carrying.

Wrap the toys separately such that they do not stick to each other. For example, you must not wrap silicone toys in plastic. Also, silicone toys should not be together. Keep them dry, clean and away from direct sunlight.


Why Choose Kaamastra to Buy Travel-Friendly Sex Toys Online in India?

Kaamastra is a renowned online seller of sex toys for all people. We will now discuss why Kaamastra remains one of India’s favourite brands to buy travel-friendly toys. 


  • Availability of Several Options

Kaamastra provides several options of sex toys catering to various categories for all people. There are specific classifications of toys for men, women, gays, lesbians, etc. You can also find portable toys readily carried with you on flights when travelling for a tour or holiday. Apart from the size, you can come across remote-controlled or battery-operated toys.


  • Discreet Packaging

The toys come in discreet packaging, which is also unknown to the delivery entities who will bring them to you. If you are not using it before your flight, you can pack it with the packaging intact. It will prevent any breakage or soiling of the toy during the flight. 


  • Several Pocket-Friendly Options

While Kaamastra has several options for you to fulfil your fantasies, they are easy on your pockets too. There are sex toys for all budgets, and you only must know about your sexual desire if you wish to make your choice. As a favourite online store, it also offers attractive discounts at various times of the year. You may be lucky enough to get the sex toy of your preference at rock-bottom prices.

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