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The ultimate guide to buy sex toys in India

by Nikita J 11 Oct 2023
The ultimate guide to buy sex toys in India

Sex is no longer a taboo in our lives. Several men and women like to experiment with their fantasies. They have been using several sex toys to fulfill their fantasies. There are couples and groups too who use sex toys. They prefer the kinky stuff and use sex toys to fulfill their wildest dreams. There are several varieties, and there are exclusive ranges of such toys for those who prefer to experiment with sex.

Various sex toys are in demand by people of different sexual orientations. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. They bring sexual pleasure, some are ideal for foreplay, and others are useful for masturbation. Depending on your experience levels, you can buy sex toys in India.

Do Indians love sex & its related products?

Contrary to popular belief, adult products in India are no longer a novelty; they can be found on the nightstands of most couples who choose to invest in a healthy sexual relationship with their partners. Sexual toys in India is a lot more than just vibrators for women and penis rings for men, it’s a way that people of all sexual orientation can explore their bodies and indulge in fantasies to have sex with sex toys. 

History of sex toys in ancient India

The history of sex toys goes back in time globally. In India, too, several ancient texts talk about intimate toys. Some sculptures also show phallic tools that existed several thousands of years ago. The ancient Kamasutra also talks about the liberal use of sex accessories. It talks about sex aids made of gold, wood, silver, ivory, copper, etc. There are also graphic details of the sizes and forms. Some were like a flower, while others were like a rounded stick shaped like a mortar. It also talks about artificial sex organs.

There are also philosophical excerpts from the twelfth century that depicts sex as the epitome of pleasure. There are also references to the sex organ and experiencing joy through different substances. Various means of sexual satisfaction are mentioned in other ancient texts. However, these means of experiencing pleasure were not meant for the masses. It was for men belonging to dominant groups.

Sex toys & modern Indian approach

In modern India, several people are more interested in experimenting with sex. They are open to various options and using sexual toys is one. In contrast, sex had been a taboo to speak about in the country. However, the increased need of the next generation to fulfil their sexual desires led to the proliferation of the sex toy industry. There are several options to go online and buy sex toys in India.

Several websites sell sex toys catering to the unfulfilled sexual desires of people of all sexualities. Various sex toys range from dildosbutt plugs, vibrators, etc. There are also options for BDSM, role play and foreplay, etc. They are usually sold through online shops that vow to provide a better lifestyle for their customers. The trend to buy sex toys in India will increase as more people join the bandwagon.

There are customers for sexual toys across the country who prefer to use them on themselves, their partners or in a group. There are specific sex toys for LGBTQ and couples too. Sex games are another queer option for couples and groups. There are customers for sex toys across the country – across all ages and sexualities. The use of sex toys is centred around personal preferences and those of the partners. 

Adult Toys Industry Experiencing Increased Sale of Sexual Toys in Sanskari India 

The adult products industry has boomed with sales from metro cities as well as small towns in India, the rise in demand for shopping sex toys in India has given way for a sex shop like Kaamastra to serve Indians everywhere. While sexual products like men's thongs and male lingerie are seeing demand in Aamchi Mumbai, bustling Bangalore sales records are dominated by bondage toys and sex swings. Sex accessories are popular adult products in India with small towns and districts evolving in liberal India with flavoured condoms, lubricants, and men's sexy underwear. 

Are buying & selling sex toys legal In India?

While several people look forward to buy sex toys in India but are worried about going to a shop and asking for one. No law in the country bans the import or sale of sex toys. However, their exhibition and display may violate the regulations on obscenity. A specific section in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) states that the "sale, advertisement, distribution, public exhibition" of obscene materials is illegal.

It is known that for objects to be obscene, they must be “Lascivious or appeals’ to prurient interests". There has been a ruling by the Calcutta High Court that obscenity charges against sex toys were not legally sustainable. In short, sex toys that are not marketed or displayed obscenely are legal in the country.

Where to Buy Sex Toys in India: Offline or Online Sex Toys Store?

The toys for sex can be bought offline discreetly in specific areas. There are several stores where you can discreetly buy sex toys. Some of the areas in metro cities are:

  • New Delhi: Palika Bazar, a few streets in Connaught Place, etc.
  • Mumbai: Crawford market, near Flora Fountain, etc.
  • Kolkata: Moti Sil Street, Khidderpore, a few shops around Park Street, etc.

There are many such markets to purchase adult toys in India, even in Tier-II cities. However, online stores provide several benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • Personal information is kept private
  • Better deals and seasonal offers
  • Gaining knowledge about several options
  • Take time to select the best option
  • It is discreet and personal
  • Better return policies and warranties
  • Going through several product reviews

What things should I consider while purchasing sex toys?


Before searching for sex toys online, you must decide on a budget. It will prevent you from going overboard when buying these toys for you or your partner. It will also help you streamline your online search. You can now remove options that don't come within your budget. The cost of the same toy can vary according to the material used and the brand. Having a budget in your mind can help to refine your search and buy sex toys in India from the available options.

Product Quality            

The quality of the products can vary according to the materials used to make the product and the brand. It is suggested that you buy from a reputed brand that will ensure that you purchase products of premium quality and hygienic. The products from unknown brands would be unregulated and passed off as novelty and premium items. Most of these items would not pass expensive quality checks and do cause harm to you.

Customer Privacy

You would buy sexual products online to ensure your identity remains a secret. Why would you choose an option that does not assure your privacy? Always buy sex toys in India from secure websites and check whether the URL starts with HTTPS. It will also guarantee secure financial transactions. Go through the website and check whether the website ensures customer privacy. Your personal details will not be necessary during the checkout process. Only minimal information like your address and contact number must be sufficient for the delivery.


One of the critical factors to check when you buy sex toys in India is whether the online store provides discreet delivery. You wouldn't like your neighbours to know about your sexual preferences. Even the delivery personnel must not have the slightest clue about the shipment details. If the discreetness of the delivery is not explicitly mentioned on the website, you may call up the customer support number and find out.

Free Shipping

The sex store you choose must provide free shipping. Usually, it would take substantial money to have it shipped to you. However, premium brands like Kaamastra prevent customer hassles by ensuring that the shipping charges are waived off. We provide free shipping if your total order value exceeds ₹1000.

Kaamastra Sexaholic Cities in India 

From Mumbai to Chennai and Durgapur to Medak, Indians have found that the easiest way to shop for sex toys in India is at-’Kaamastra’.

  • Sex toys in Mumbai are all the rage, leading in orders of men lingerie and sex toys for men, this city never sleeps nor does the desires.
  • Sex toys in Delhi are a big hit, this capital city is the biggest consumer of adult toys and accessories in India with the maximum number of orders.
  • Sex toys in Bangalore are the kinkiest of them all, lovers of bondage sex toys and sex swings reside in this contemporary city.
  • Sex toys in Kolkata see large orders of sexy lingerie & edible sex goodies. Candy thongs and bras are a bestseller in this sweet-filled city.
  • Sex toys in Pune have become essential than a novelty, this fast-paced city is leading in orders of hot clothing, sexy lingerie, and bikinis.
  • Sex Toys in Chennai is quite popular, edibles lubricants and sex games are most bought here from sex shops.
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