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Sex with a Stripper: The Unforgettable Experience

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Sex with a Stripper: The Unforgettable Experience

I cannot believe it but it’s true. I had sex with one of the most gorgeous lady I have ever seen- a stripper by profession.

It all happened on that fateful night when I hit a posh stripper club. I was completely disillusioned and distressed with my recent break-up and contemplating how I would be spending the rest of my life without her who had meant the world to me for so many years.

My chums had compelled me to visit the club with them. I would get a boost to my confidence and my masculinity or so they thought. But I was completely shattered, disoriented and crippled psychologically.

The club was a sprightly one and needless to say, the strippers were drop-dead gorgeous keeping up with the standard of the joint.

However, I found no interest in all that was going around me and preferred sitting in a lonesome corner with a glass of drink in my hand musing upon all that had happened in the past few days.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a hand touching my cheeks. I shoved it outright thinking it to be one of my friends only to find it was a ravishing beauty standing in front of me.

She was clad in a copper and silver-hued beaded top and skirt and was wearing a lovely smile on her scarlet red lips. For a moment I seemed to forget all my woes and worries but instantly came back to reality on realizing where I was.

I apologized for rudely shoving her hand off and pleaded to leave me alone. But she refused. What was she expecting of me?

I was about to say that I am not intrigued by anything she would like to show me of her attractive physicality, but she seated herself in front of me.

I was already a bit tipsy and looking into my worn-out countenance she might have guessed I was in some kind of emotional stress.

She held out her hand to take mine in hers and said, “You look sad, but you know what, even those lines of grief cannot take away the irresistible charm in your eyes and the handsome looks that you should be proud to possess”.

Strippers are inclined towards good-looking men, I had heard but never tried it out myself. Now here was a gorgeous stripper who had come to me all by herself and maybe or would be willing to spend the night with me.

But was I ready for this? The question was racking my brain when suddenly she pulled me up by my hand and led me outside the club.

She asked me where my car was and before long I had poured my heart out in front of her. I did not want her to strip or get naked in front of me and I told her that to which she gave a beautiful, bewitching smile, took my face in her hands and kissed me.

What followed was beyond my imagination for there I was inside my car holding a pair of raspberry-hued teats under her ample coiffure while she pleasured me by giving me a mind-blowing head.

It was like a fantasy world, where you get pampered my angels without even asking for it.

One glimpse at her threadbare body, her delightfully sensuous curves, her supple bosom and buxom butts was enough to send all my sadness to the winds.

She was a virgin and yet she could not resist herself from giving in to me. My sex escapade with the stripper gave a new meaning to my life and I found in her a true friend and a dedicated lover who now strips solely for me.

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