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Sex Toys in Delhi – Women Are More Interested Than Men When It Comes to Sex Products

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Sex Toys in Delhi – Women Are More Interested Than Men When It Comes to Sex Products

Adult products and accessories have taken the Indian market by storm, orders from different cities by both men and women have been unique. Delhi, the capital of India too has its heart set on sex products and have seen more Women than men indulging in the same.

When it comes to sex toys and bedroom accessories orders from Delhi are dominated by women for all categories from bullet vibrators to sexy lingerie like G-strings and thongs.

What We Have Analysed from Our Delhi Customers

Our Surveys, feedbacks and reviews from Delhi orders have revealed some facts about our clientele

  • Delhi orders have recorded a higher number of female buyers than male buyers.
  • Adult products in Delhi are extremely popular and enjoyed by both the genders a lot.
  • Orders placed by Delhi customers is 22% higher in basket size than average.
  • More purchases as well as return purchases, Delhi records to have 42% repeat customers.
  • Among the order preferences that range from vibrators, masturbation cups to lingerie the most in-demand product category from Delhi is the roleplay costumes.

The Buyer Demographic of Delhi

The buyer demographic of adult products in Delhi is quite versatile,

  • 55% of buyers are women and 45% are men, clearly indicating that there is way more demand for sex products among women in Delhi.
  • Product preference of male buyers is dominated by masturbation products like mouth stoker cups.
  • Product preference of female buyers is dominated by masturbation products like vibrators, dildo and more.
  • Men in Delhi viewed, added to cart and ordered a wide variety of products like Bondage kits, sex oils and lubricants and male sex toys like penis ring and sleeves.
  • Women in Delhi have frequently viewed, bought and indulged in clothing and sexy lingerie as well as bedroom games.

Sex Toys Preference of Delhi People

While the sex toy preference of customers in Delhi are vibrant and varied, two products widely ordered are masturbation products –


Male buyers in Delhi have frequently bought masturbator & fleshlight. These are versatile products and extremely popular among men, the vagina-shaped sex toy is lined inside with safe, smooth and textured material giving the illusion of a life-like vagina; enhancing the experience of masturbation for men. Usually made of soft silicone materials the masturbator come in a variety of sizes, textures, and types (vibrating and non-vibrating).

Discreet Vibrator 

As for the women sex toy buyers in Delhi, the niche lies in cute but powerful discreet vibrators, the sales of unique camouflage vibrators are high among women in Delhi. Beginners vibrators as they are commonly called are compact, easy to carry and blends in with your everyday products are high In Demand.

Other Products Delhi Customers Frequently Buy

Bondage Kit 

Bondage kits are a lot of fun, a range of beginner to advance kits are available to choose from. BDSM kits include a lot of different products depending upon what level kit it is, you can find bondage restraints like a handcuffs, mouth gags, arms/leg/body harnesses, and pain products like nipple clamps, spanking paddle and more. Every single kit in an experience in itself, paired with the correct sex furniture are a wild ride, whether you’re using it yourself or gifting it to a couple.

Edible Lubricant 

Oral sex is an integral part to experience for many and to enhance that factor by adding more pleasure to it, we bring to you an edible lubricant. A lot of people underestimate the use of lube but Delhi customers love these product; lubricant can make sex easy, pain-free and highly pleasurable experience for both the partners, oral, vaginal as well as anal.

Sexy Lingerie 

Female customers from Delhi frequently order sexy lingerie, a high number of orders containing G string and thong are delivered; the sexy look of flaunting a hot panty on the beach or a crotchless thong in the bedroom can certainly spice things up and arouse your partner. Feel confident and beautiful in your sensual lingerie and tease your partner with variations like edible lingerie, hot night dresses, teddies, stockings and more.

Sexy Dresses 

Delhi People have never shied away from trying something bold or unique, known to be one of the places to give birth to new trends every season. Delhi customer are experimental and confident of their looks. Sexy dresses are bought in numbers from this region including evening wear, long gowns to bodysuits and mesh suits.

Couple Games 

Want to keep it fun in the bedroom?? Break the monotony and routine sex with something interesting, couple games available in various forms like dice, cards or board games make sure you get to try something outside your comfort zone while adding that extra sugar and spice in your lovemaking. Couple games are a great way to prolong foreplay and get your partner in the mood before you guys do the deed, this helps a great deal with men suffering from premature ejaculation and women unable to orgasm.


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