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Sex Swing – Types, Position, Installation, Cost & Much More

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Sex Swing – Types, Position, Installation, Cost & Much More

Looking to spice up your sex life? Then settle for no less than a sex swing – a great product that will make you feel the most intense pleasure.  For positions, you would like to try but aren’t able due to your height, stamina or strength or just because it’s an impossible position, a sex swing is perfect. A sex swing can help you satisfy you're and your partner’s sexual cravings, desires, and fantasies.

What is Adult Swing? What are They Made Of?

Also known as a sling or an adult swing, a sex swing is a device that allows one of the partners to be suspended while performing a sexual activity on another. It can either fully or partly give support to the weight of one or both partners. Using an adult swing will be the smartest move you will make if you are looking for mind-blowing sex with your partner and It could be part of your romantic games.

These devices make certain sex positions a lot easier that one may find it hard to do due to the:

  • Injuries
  • Joint Problems, or Arthritis
  • Discomfort in maintaining a position for a long time

To avoid any of the above or to enjoy wild and passionate sex with your partner, You should set up the environment with attractive products and Opting for the right adult swing will be your best bet. The best thing about a sex swing is that you can even try those positions which you may not be aware of. Isn’t it something exciting you want to do for your partner?

Moreover, you can get a sex swing installed in the frame of or over your door. If you are looking for something permanent, install your swing into your walls or ceiling. Doing so will be a good idea as both of you can feel intense love and hop on an erotic joyride you would never want to get off.

These swings can be washed without hassles. Most of them come off and the seat can be laundered in the washing machine. Another benefit of using a sex swing is that you can fold it up to store it discreetly under a bed or in a closet.

Adult Swings Material

Considering the delicate nature of most designs available in fantasy swings, there are multiple materials that are used for making these passionate lovemaking devices.

These include:

  • Nylon
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Foam
  • Metal

Other than these, soft material for padding like neoprene is also used to make adult swings.

No matter what you choose, it is important for you to consider whether or not you will be able to clean your sex swing easily.

What are The Different Types of Love Swings?

There are different types of love swings available for people who just cannot do without embarking on a journey leading to ultimate sex.


1. Sex Swing Stands

This type of sex swing hangs from a stand or canopy structure that can be folded or taken apart when not in use. These swings don’t require extra hardware. However, enough space is required so that you can set up the stand as well as the swing.

2. Sex Sling

With 4 mounting points, a sex sling can be considered a hammock type of product. Being a large piece of fabric or leather, the Kardashian Sex Swing Video made this sling gain immense popularity. The most common type of sex swing, is perfect for most couples, on their 1st night or their 100th. A sling can be used for BDSM as well.

3. Door Sex Swing

The door sex swing is extremely popular with people living in apartments. Even those who are on the move find this swing pretty good because they can install it anywhere where there’s a door, for example, 'Kaamastra Heavy Duty Red Sex Swing' can be installed very easily

Allowing fewer positions, this swing is value for money, easy to install and effective. This is due to the fact that the door physically restricts the range of motion.

4. Fantasy Swings

These swings can be attached to a swing stand or a ceiling and are suspended from a single hook. They can also have loop supports or a hammock,  Kaamastra Heavy Duty Zebra Print Sex Swing is an excellent example of it.

5. Hanging Sex Swings

These swings can be hung from your ceiling. Attach it to the hook in your ceiling with the inbuilt hooks, they are very convenient for people who prefer using their swings more often and looking for more flexibility compared to the over-the-door swings.

6. Body Swings

These swings are a harness that can easily fit around one partner. With loops, straps and/or stirrups used for the second partner. Body swings are one of the most popular types of swings people use to satisfy their sexual urges. It is important for the holding partner to have enough endurance as well as strength.

How to Hang or Install a Pleasure Swing?

Pleasure swings are great fun, aren’t they? That’s the reason why people don’t even think twice when it comes to settling for their type. Of course, why would you want to explain to your loved ones why there’s a large hook hanging from the ceiling in your room?

Here is a list of six ways that will help you hang your pleasure swing:

1. The Ceiling Hook

Well, the usual method is to get a ceiling hook installed. Once done, you can directly have your sex swing hung from it. Being the easiest method, the ceiling hook is the most secure method for hanging your sex swing.

Other than being the most effortless method to hang or install a sex swing, it comes with a disadvantage. Many people would notice that hook in the ceiling. Even your landlord might not agree to drill holes. You can hang your love swing in your own home and make intense love whenever you want to.

2. The Stand

Using a swing stand is another popular method you can consider for hanging your pleasure swing. These stands are usually very strong in nature and don’t cause damage to your home.

Even though they can be hidden easily, they do need plenty of room and can be wide. So, you may have a hard time when it comes to fitting them in your bedroom. But, they can burn a hole in your pocket being on the expensive side.

3. Door to Door

Have a dual hook love swing? If so, then you can consider using the door-to-door mount. Being simple to use, find a hallway with opposing doors. Then fix the swing between the doors. Keep in mind that the width of the hallway increases the level of comfort with dual hook swings.

4. Wall to Wall

This is hardly any difference between this method (wall-to-wall) and the previous one. The major difference is that you need to set up the hooks so that your pleasure swing can be hung on opposing walls.

5. Beam Mount

Have an exposed beam in your room? If so, then this is possibly the most appropriate option of all of the methods available. A beam mount is a strap that can be hung over a beam. That way you can hang your sex swing without hassles. Being smaller in size, you can carry the strap anywhere.

6. The Pull Up Bar

You’ll find it hard to believe that you can actually use a pull-up bar for your love swing as a base. You can take it anywhere you go and have it mounted in your hotel room. Other than being highly effective, you will not have a hard time when it comes to using the pull-up bar. However, it comes with its weight limitation and you will not be able to mount it as high as you want with other methods available.

What are The Different Sex Swing Positions?

Using a sex swing will allow you to think outside of the box. It will help you try positions that you thought were never possible. A majority of people would not even dream about such positions which they think are impossible to achieve.

If you require some help while getting your juices flowing, there are some sex positions that you must consider for great sessions of vaginal and anal sex.

  • Standing
  • From Behind (Leaning)
  • From Behind (Sitting)
  • Lap Dance
  • Oral Sex (Male)
  • Oral Sex (Female)
  • 69
  • Straddling

Tips To Buy Your Fantasy Swing

There are some important things that you must consider when buying your adult Products. These include:

1. Comfort

Look out for all those locations on the swing that could make you feel uncomfortable by pinching you and look out for swings that allow you comfortable sex positions for your back and limbs.

2. Inferior Quality Products

We can’t emphasize this enough – Buy your sex swing from a trusted supplier! Inferior quality products will have lower weight limits, inferior materials, and a shorter lifespan. Falling off a sex swing because the straps are weak would have a chance of injury, so be safe!

3. Cost Of A Sex Swing

While the usage pattern of your sex swing will be a critical buying factor, there’s no denying your budget is likely to make a difference as well. Lower-end swings start from around Rs. 999 while high-end products with canopies and structural mounts can cost up to Rs. 25000.

Sex Swing Guide

Looking to buy the best sex furniture for that amazing sexual experience ever? Consider a sex swing guide that will help you narrow down your choices when it comes to settling for the best sex swing.

Some Vital Things You Must Know When Buying a Fantasy Swing.

1. How Much Weight Can It Handle?

Of course, you want some extra buffer over your weight. And if you want to give proper support to the weight of your partner and on the swing, make sure you consider that as well.

2. Who Will Use It?

If your partner is looking to use the same love swing, make sure you get the one that can effortlessly be adjusted to his or her body size. However, if you are looking to try multiple positions with your sling, it has to be adjusted. Go online and read reviews as they will help you determine if the swing, you are looking to buy, does not give you a hard time when adjusting.

3. How Will You Install It?

The installation plays a very crucial role when buying your type of sex swing. There are some questions that you must ask when making your choice.

  • Is there a need for drilling into your wall or ceiling? Does your landlord give you permission to do so?

  • What tools will you use for the installation?

  • Are you sure the location will give proper support to your weight and swing?

  • Where can the swing be installed in the room with enough space?

  • How will the hole be covered up in case you plan to take the swing down?

  • Will you need to cover up the installation if the swing is installed in any common area of your home?

  • Is there a need to purchase a stand?

  • Do you want the swing to spin? If so, then a single attachment point will be required.

4. Which One is Better – 1 or 2 Hooks?

Most people usually prefer to opt for two hooks as they offer more stability compared to a single hook. But you will need a swing with one hook if you want it to swivel in circles. The frame of this sex swing is compatible with various hooks on your swing and their placement.

5. How Comfortable Do You Want Your Swing To Be?

If your sex swing has more padding, it will provide you with maximum comfort. Some people even consider sitting on their love swing for the sake of comfort. Using a headrest is a good idea as it will help you alleviate stress on your neck while you are in your swing.

Having wider seats is another way to increase comfort. Narrow seats, on the other hand, will make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you have a strong body and there is a single strap.

6. How Many Straps Do You Want?

There are swings that have extra straps for one’s arm or thigh while others have a place for resting your feet. That way your weight is distributed equally which leads to maximum comfort. These straps can also provide stability while performing sexual activities. Well, there is no need to make use of additional straps and handles, using them can benefit you.

How to Clean & Take Care of the Sex Swing?

You must take good care of your sex swing. Cleaning your swing and sex toys is not that complicated but some swings are a lot easier to clean compared to others. It is recommended that you should remove the straps and toss them in the laundry bag.

Wash the straps then put them in the dryer (make sure you use a low-temperature setting or air dry only).

Every sex swing available has lots of padding in it, so it will take a considerable amount of time to dry. If you want to reduce drying time, it’s good to squeeze out as much water as you can.

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