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Sex on a Porch in the Heavy Rain

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Sex on a Porch in the Heavy Rain

We had been out on a date when it started raining heavily. It had already got dark and nothing could be seen amidst the torrential rain.

It was impossible to drive the motorcycle in such heavy rain. We were drenched to our last bits and needed to wait for the rain to stop to some extent.

We saw a house that seemed abandoned and decided to take shelter outside it for some time. My beau parked his motorcycle in front of the house and we rushed inside.

As we sat on the porch I was already shivering in the cold. He looked at me and took me in his arms to warm my body up. Except for the fact that the showers did not let us go home, the weather was immensely romantic.

As we looked at each other we knew what was to follow next.

It all started with a passionate kiss even as I felt his hand traveling over my wet top and touching my nipples, then erect with cold and excitement at the same time.

He lay me down on the porch and lifted my skirt to explore my pussy with his fingers. To his surprise, it was as wet as the weather outside. He moved his fingers through the slippery walls of my labia and I groped through his pants to feel his hard manhood.

It popped out and then began a quick session of oral sex while the rain waters fell on us, making us all the kinkier. He moved his mouth over my wet body lifting up my top and suckling on my breasts as I unbuttoned his shirt to feel the muscles of his chest.

Soon the gentle lovemaking turned into a wild feat of passion. He sat on the porch and me on his lap, my legs straddled on his two sides.

We moved and thumped on the wet porch, the rainwater pouring on our faces as we locked our mouths with deep kisses. The actions picked up pace and as I was nearing orgasm I dropped him down to get the right angle to tickle my G-Spot.

He couldn’t help his passion any longer and stripped me off my top. He clasped the cheeks of my buttocks and helped me move harder on him.

We reached climax simultaneously and I dropped exhausted over him, our juices flowing in all gaiety with the rain waters doing the cleaning job from outside quite well.

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