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Nipple Sticker: Indian Women & Hack For Invisible Bra

by Nikita J 11 Oct 2023
Nipple Sticker: Indian Women & Hack For Invisible Bra

The modern Indian woman experiments with her wardrobe, and she can flaunt everything from trendy thin strap/strapless blouses, plunging neck tops to backless one-pieces. Many of these ensembles call for either going braless or wearing a strapless bra. Of course, you can always take your pick from padded or non-padded body-hugging bras, but sometimes even they might not be enough under a well-fitted dress. That is why the Nipple Sticker(also known as Nipple Pasty) is the perfect & trendy hack for the modern Indian woman. Nipple pasties are essentially stick-on bras that hide the nipple and the areola, creating a seamless look without bra lines and straps.

While nipple stickers do not provide a lot of support, there are many varieties to choose from. Strapless bra padded pasties come in a few pushup variations as well. You can wear nipple pasties as accessories for your beachwear. You can even conceal the nipple beneath your backless or strapless dress using Strapless bra backless pasties. Mostly made of silicone, pushup nipple pasties come in nude tones and some colored ones in different shapes too. Tassels, leather, and nipple stickers based on BDSM-theme have gained a lot of popularity, and you can pair them with a variety of clothing.

What is a Nipple Sticker?

Nipple stickers or nipple pasties are adhesive stickers that stick on your nipple for a smooth and crease-free look. If you want to go braless but still desire firm support to your breast, nipple pasty can replace & act as a push-up bra or lift-up bra too. If you are the kind of girl who loves summer dresses, backless or strapless attires, you need to invest in nipple hide stickers. They act as a nipple hide also, covering the areola so you can be comfy and carefree and only expose what you choose to. So, don’t worry about how to hide nipple impressions under those trendy dresses; invest in some good quality nipple hide stickers.

Have you ever heard of / experienced nipple chafing? Sadly it is a real thing. Continuous movement/activities can cause excessive friction between your nipples (which are ever so sensitive) and the fabric over them, and this can cause slight bruises or pain. Are you wondering about how you can hide your nipples and avoid nipple chafing? The answer is nipple pasties.

Why use an Adhesive Nipple Cover as an invisible bra?

Many Indian women draw inspiration from celebrities when it comes to fashion choices. However, they are not always able to find the right innerwear to suit the ensemble. The fabrics, patterns, and looks in modern clothing are derived from the top trends. No matter how fancy the bra, it may not always complement the overall look, so why not switch to an invisible push-up pasty instead of a bra. Here are some more advantages of exploring push up nip pasty  -

  • Nipple stickers or adhesive nipple covers can help avoid visible bra lines seen on well-fitted dresses, low-neck tops, or off-shoulder tube tops &, at the same time, cover your breasts. So with this kind of adhesive bra, you can flaunt strapless or backless clothing without worrying about bra/bra straps showing (or ruining the ensemble's look).
  • Enjoy a crease-free look on tight shirts and essentially any clothing. No nipple impressions will be popping up to make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Honestly, some of us are just not meant to cage our breasts behind layers and layers of fabric. One of the best uses is going braless but not at the cost of coverage. 
  • With the invisible push-up bra lift, you can avoid nipple slip & chafing and get that firm look beneath the fitted gym clothes, bikinis, and swimwear. 

If you do not know how to wear an invisible bra, let us help you understand the other benefits of using it. They can be paired with almost any attire and suitable in every climate. Not only this but nipple pasty can also be used with nipple piercing jewellery.

Are you thinking about nipple piercing?

Like many other forms of body art (Like, tattoos) and body piercings, nipple piercings are becoming trendier day by day. However, you can go one step further with accessorizing your nipples with nipple piercing; Nipple piercing is a beautiful modification, and you will fall in love with the varieties and collections of nipple piercings. You can flaunt your piercings (if you wish to do so) with diamond-studded and colorful nipple clips, as well as fancy nipple stickers available at

Can I use a Nipple Pasty after nipple piercing?

It is safe to use nipple pasties over nipple piercing jewellery if you know how to use them right. Body Piercings are a life-changing decision, especially when done on the nipple (super sensitive body part). It is common for people to hide or smooth over the nipple piercing rings with a nipple sticker. Whether it is work-related, sexy playwear, or to match the outfit's look on top, it is safe to use nipple pasty over your nipple piercing once it is completely healed. 

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind before covering your nipple piercing jewellery- 

1) Avoid using nipple stickers during the healing process. Sticking and removing both can be immensely painful during this time, and the adhesive could cause infection at your very raw and unhealed skin/wound.

2) Be mindful when removing the nipple sticker as the slightest tug at the jewellery nipple piercing can cause pain.

3) jewellery for nipple piercing is a style statement in itself. You can try out some fake nipple piercing jewellery to know how the nipple sticker looks and feels on rings for nipple piercing.

Indian climate & advantages of Nipple Cover

The Indian climate can be challenging to deal with sometimes, and the hot & humid weather can make it challenging to wear multiple layers of clothing at a time. The scorching heat affects the state of your privates, don’t they? Excessive sweating, heat, and redness, along with the impression of fitted clothes (like lingerie), can be rather painful. Women know the pain of wearing a bra for hours and also the relief of removing it (while vowing to themselves of never putting it on again). So what to use instead of a bra, something that provides coverage and some lift too???

  • The nipple pasty is your perfect bra alternative for summer; enjoy the breeze on your light and comfy clothes without feeling suffocated in the chest area. 
  • If you’re deciding to ditch the bra and wondering what can I use instead of a bra, might we suggest some quirky, colorful, and printed nipple stickers? These effectively cover the nipple and areola and allow carefree and flexible movement. 
  • Heat can heighten sensitivity for many people, along with skin irritation. Nipple irritation from clothing is a common concern during the summers, which is another reason to invest in nipple covers. 
  • Long evening gowns, midi strapless dresses, and backless blouses can have you worrying about the bra strap all day long, especially in the Indian climate. Say bye-bye to your designer bras and use nipple stickers with sequins, tassels, and beautiful colors instead. 
  • Most saree blouses are padded and don’t always require a bra; the nipple sticker can hide the nipple impression and act as your invisible bra.

What are the varieties of Nipple Stickers or Patches?

  • Silicone Nipple Sticker - The OG nude silicone breast pasties are the most common kind. Primarily silicone pads nipple cover is used as a practical accessory to cover the nipple, the nipple impression through clothing, and the areola. These nipple stickers are usually available in a couple of shades and sizes, are skin-friendly, and are safe to use. 
  • Lift-up Silicone Covers - While most nipple stickers do not provide any support, they do offer an adequate amount of coverage. You can opt for the push-up or lift-up silicone nipple pasty that acts as a push-up bra. You literally stick the bottom half first and lift the breast manually and then stick the remainder of the pasty. These are usually strong and comfortable enough to support you for a few hours. 
  • Decorative Nipple Covers - Oh! These beauties are a must-have. If you are not looking for just a practical approach but want to play around with nipple stickers, there is a vast selection of printed, shimmery, sparkly nipple covers in various shapes. From stars, hearts, hands to quirky colors and prints, you can flaunt decorative nipple pasties below sheer or low cut tops. 
  • Nipple Tassels - Another kind of decorative nipple sticker is the tassels. This might also be one of the oldest kinds that started the revolution of nipple pasties. Nipple tassels are majorly made with colorful sequins in different shapes and have beautiful hanging tassels on them. 
  • Disposable and Reusable - Depending upon the purpose, one can buy disposable nipple stickers and invest in variations of reusable nipple pasties. Disposable nipple stickers can be used as nipple patches for swimming, as they are as easy to use and discard. 
  • Fabric and Other Materials – Nipple covers for strapless dresses, backless blouses, and fitted tops are silicone, cloth fabric, leather, etc. You can take your pick from a plethora of options in materials and designs. 

Tips & Precautions while using a stick-on bra or nipple pasties

  • Ensure that you are buying hypoallergenic sticks on bra/nipple pasties.
  • The adhesive stickers can be tricky to use for the first time if you do not know how to apply an invisible bra, especially if you have sensitive skin.  
  • Do not reuse disposable/one-time-use nipple stickers.
  • If you are prone to allergies, avoid using a reusable sticky bra as the adhesive residue could react on the skin. Try out a disposable one first and see if it suits it. 
  • Too much of anything is wrong. Avoid wearing reusable lift-up invisible bras for longer hours to lift sagging breasts.
  • Always do patch tests for it on a small area of your skin first, preferably the hand (on a side without hair). 
  • Clean/wipe your breasts before application and apply the reusable invisible lift-up bra on a dry surface only. Do not apply anything before sticking on pasties. 
  • Water is not a friend of the nipple sticker, and this can work to your advantage. In case of any difficulty in removing them, running water can help. You can also clean any sticky residue on your breasts with some cotton dipped in mild body oil.
  • All reusable sticky bras should be lightly washed with warm water to remove all adhesive residue and sweat from them.
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