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My First Sex Experience at the Low-Budget Motel

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
My First Sex Experience at the Low-Budget Motel

It was raining torrentially and there were hardly any people to be seen on the roads. My beau and I were returning home after a day’s trip at a friend’s farmhouse, some distance from the city.

Most of my friends had stayed back but I had to return since I promised my parents I would get back home by night. But the incessant rain was making it difficult to see what lay just in front of the motorcycle that he was driving.

He suggested we look for some shelter and wait for the rains to recede to some extent. Luckily, at that moment I caught sight of an inn on the other side of the road and he turned his motorbike to park in front of it.

Needless to say, we were both drenched to the dregs and the receptionist, a middle-aged man gave a naughty grin when we asked for a room to put up till the rain stopped.

It was a low-budget motel and most of the customers who checked-in used to come for a purpose. But we at that time were too young to look beyond his kinky smile.

The room was fairly clean with an attached bath but the walls were in a dilapidated condition. There was hardly any furniture except for a table and a chair and a bed which was of utmost necessity.

Not a very conducive environment to get romantic but the outside ambience was nevertheless tempting us to be in each other’s arms. I was shivering in cold and he came over to wrap me up in his arms.

But he was wet too. We looked at each other and he kissed me with his wet lips. We had been in a relationship for about a year by then but never got the opportunity to go beyond kissing.

But that day everything went haywire. Blame it on a romantic evening with heavy showers pattering on the window panes or the youthful passion driving us wild but we crossed the line of platonic love and stepped into the world of erotic bliss.

Everything happened involuntarily it seemed. As I shivered he unbuttoned my top and unrobed me of it, leaving me with the lacy lingerie which I had worn that day.

He took a thorough look around the room to ensure there were no hidden cameras to spy us as is often the case with such cheap motels and when he was satisfied he got down to work.

Soon the denims came off as well and I sizzled as he lay me down on the bed and kissed me from my neck down to my breasts and further down to titillate my sensitive zone.

For the first time, I knew what it meant to get pampered with oral sex as I felt his tongue tingling my clitoris and his fingers going deep down to reach my G-Spot.

The sensation was unbelievingly pleasurable and at one point of time, I felt like grabbing him and asking him to engulf me completely with his manhood. He understood it by my expressions I guess and soon he had pushed himself inside me gently.

The sound of the raindrops falling on the metallic roof blended with the sound of our moans as we went up and down the creaking bed to drown in moments of immense erotic euphoria.

Our brief stay of two hours at the low-budget motel really proved divine taking away much of the shabbiness of the interiors which would otherwise matter to our tastes at other times.

The rain finally came to a halt, we paid the motel owner, now understanding the reason behind his grin and set forth towards home.

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