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Kaam Tales -Penis Sleeve & Penis Ring

by Nikita J 10 Oct 2023
Customer feedback for a Kaamastra Penis ring


Sex toys are beneficial not just for self-pleasure but for improving your sexual relationship. Want to know how? Then have a look at what our customer- Saket says- “You need to understand what your partner feels in the bedroom and it is not wrong if you fulfil their desires with some tools.

Saket is a 35 years old legal advisor from Bangalore who is happily married for 6 years. He ordered a penis sleeve & penis ring from us 2 months back. While googling sexual products for long-lasting play, he decided to buy them at

I saw there are a lot of varieties on the website & products available aren’t over-priced.

Our life is changing at a fast pace. There is a hell of challenges in our personal & professional life. So if any external aid solves your problem, why not give it a try!

Kaamastra’s Penis Sleeves & Penis Rings are always in-demand products by our male customers for a long-lasting stay in the bed. There are some enhanced designs of penis sleeves & rings that at the same time offer great stimulation to the female partners also.

Saket’s search ended at Kaamastra when he checked all the facts, our representative, asked him about the service feedback and why he chose kaamastra?

Because you answered all my queries on WhatsApp very proactively. I know I asked so many doubts & Thank you for answering patiently.

told Saket funnily.

We always try our best to resolve the queries of our customers. Such precious feedback encourages us & we always love to hear them  :)

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