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Indian Sexual Appetite – Market Report On India’s Sexual Habits

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Indian Sexual Appetite – Market Report On India’s Sexual Habits

The Indian Adult Product Market has been booming, the outlook of how men and women look and feel about Sexual aids, attires and products have taken a leap in the Global Industry as well as in the Indian market.

India has been well known to have one too many taboos with regards to Sex and yet India is the 5th most sexually active country in the world. It was a matter of time to surge sales of Sex Toys in India.

The Indian adult product market is at its best this year and are seeing sales not only from the metro cities but also from the small towns like Durgapur from West Bengal, Moradabad from Uttar Pradesh, Karwar from Karnataka, Parbhani from Maharashtra, Medak from Telangana and Hoshiarpur from Punjab among others are indulging and buying sex toys. 

What Xbiz Says About Sex Toys Consumption in India

An official survey report by XBIZ shows the Sex toys and adult product consumption in different parts of India has increased.

Cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad has seen the most consumption in sexual aids.

These are Tier I cities and most of them are metro cities, also including the financial capital, and cultural capital of India.

While Tier II and Tier III cities sales have also seen a drastic hike in men sex toys and bought more than women sex toys according to the industry report of XBIZ.

Also Tier-II cities have seen a 25% increase in adult product sales with everything from sex toys, lubricants, board games, bondage products to edible lingerie.

Data shows that between the average age of 25-40 women have sex on every sixth day when men between the average age of 25-39 have sex on every fifth day.

In fact, women are more sexually active within the age bracket of 30-39 years than 20-25 years and men aged 50-54 are leading satisfying and sexually active than men between 40-49 year.

With the sales dynamic that has been seen in the past decade and current status, it can be concluded that more than 70% of the population is curious and would like to try sexual wellness products.

Male sex toys are currently in a lot of demand, more than women’s sex toys.

Facts That will Surprise You About Sexuality in India 

Understanding the difference between how men and women views, buy and relate the sexual wellness products has been a huge part of this report.

Overall there is certainly a larger number of men purchasing adult products online, here are some observations of the Indian market –

  • Prostate massager for men has 37% more demand than female vibrators.
  • 18% of the population is keen on trying different positions using sex furniture.
  • There is a surge in sales around Valentine’s day for all kinds of products (3 times more than any other time in the year)
  • 42% hesitant customers placed their orders confidently after learning about discreet shipping and delivery. 
  • 32% of adult products users make new purchases every 3 months.

India loves to Experiment with New Sex Accessories

The growth in sales and preferences of men and women in India has proven that we are big on experimenting and trying different products.

From role-play costumes, bondage toys, male masturbator, lubricants, sex medicines, pleasure rings, vibrating devices to sexy apparels, romantic games, condoms and more India has tried, bought and come back for more for everything.

Sex Habits According to Specific Age Groups

The Indian Adult product Market consumers ranges from 18 years of age to 45 year and over.

Men – The peak sexual age for men is between 18 – 30 years, their shopping patterns have revealed that they prefer to shop between 10pm to 2am and their preferred products are –

Women – The peak sexual age for women is surprisingly between 30 – 40 years, their shopping patterns have revealed that they prefer to shop between 1:30pm to 4:30pm and their preferred products are –

Does Size matter? Yes Definitely! 

Men are worried about their penis size. 40% buy Penis enlargement and ED products. While 32% women go for breast enlarge products to attract their partner.

Which Sex Toys Metropolitan Prefer?

Product preference of buyers differ city wise as well, here you can see the reports of metropolitan cities Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.


Playfully called the capital of love in this report due to its high number of orders, there are more buyers seen indulging in sex toys and accessories from Delhi than any other city.


Mumbai is known to be extreme in everything, sexiness as well. It is no surprise that the maximum order for the men lingerie and men thongs are from Mumbai.


Popular for its sweets and kind-hearted people, Kolkata orders dominate the edible lingerie section. Kolkata’s most loved products are candy bras, edible candy G-strings, and mens candy pouch.


People at Bangalorians like to try new things, the right way; with the highest number of orders from the sex furniture section. Bangalore which was always big on bondage, is now preferring furniture like sex stool, sofa, position pillow and swings. Bangalore orders sex swings and harnesses more than any toy or accessory.

India’s Small Towns Are As ADVENTUROUS In Bed As The Metros

We serve the customer across India. It was wonderful to see small town were equally interested in sexual adult product as any other city. Some of the orders were from the town we never heard of before probably you too (unless you are native or place is near to your town!).

  • Midnapore in West Bengal
  • Mehkar in Maharashtra
  • Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh
  • Dasuya in Punjab
  • Karwar in Karnataka
  • Medak in Telangana

Regional Preferences – Which Region Likes What?

According to the survey report of, North, South, East and West India all have different preferences and buyer dynamic.

North India have been majorly ordering above Rs. 5000/- showing growth and sales in this region of the country.

East India consisting of cities famous for their sweets and plantations have been the biggest buys or romantic products and gift items from the adult marketplace.

West India consisting of cosmopolitan cities Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad have frequently and majorly seen sales of sexy clothing and lingerie.

South India dominated by the tech lovers sees major sales of VR goggles and app based sex toys.

India’s Favorite Sex Products 

There is certainly a wide variety with something new being added into the mix each day, the Indian Adult product market has seen sales of every single segment of kinky products and accessories. Indians widely prefer buying these products (in order of popularity)


Sex Toys 

Sex toys specifically vibrators, dildos, penis rings, masturbation cups etc are the most frequently bought items in any part of India. The direct impact of these products on sexual intercourse or sexual activity could be the reason why people choose this first.



Irrespective of how close knit the BDSM community is, in recent years, especially with the influence of books and movies like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has brought the Bondage conversation to the upper, more vocal layer. Hence, bondage products like handcuffs, ropes, nipple clamps and bondage gift kits sales have soared.


Sex Furniture    

Experimentation is not a new concept to Indians and a lot of that is happening behind closed doors with sex position chairs, couch, cushions, body swing and harnesses.


Lubricants and Oils 

While the use of lubricant is pretty straight forward the growth this product line has seen is due to the edible body paint, oil and lube selections.


Games and Gifts

Indians have frequently shopped for various adult sex games, board games, dice and more.



While there are more women shoppers than men for this segment, according to the survey sales of partywear clothing, bodystockings, costumes and night lingerie has been consistent.


Enhancement Products

Sales of Breast enhancement and penis enhancement products in the form of supplements, oils and creams have been recorded.

Yes, There Is an Influence Of Movies Like Veere Di Wedding And Lust Stories.

Online Adult product platforms saw a rise in visitors and buyers after the release of Veere di wedding and lust stories, an increase in sales of women’s products was recorded among popular items like vibrators and other women sex toys,  influenced by media and sexually forward messages in these movies 61% of female buyers searched and bought bondage products out of which 55% of buyers were from Tier-II, Tier-III cities and small towns.50 shades of grey book and movie both already caused a stir and growth in sales for sex toy store but it was mostly men purchasing for their women counterparts, the Indian movies and web series have had a greater impact on the women clientele.

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