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Gigolo Sex- Why it was Out of the World

by Nikita J 12 Oct 2023
Gigolo Sex- Why it was Out of the World

Being the wife of a rich, successful husband has its perks- you are showered with jewelry and garments, you happen to have frequent spas and indulge in hours of shopping sprees without thinking about whether it would crash your bank account.

But it has its negative aspects too. You hardly get to see him as he is most of the time occupied with his business meetings and corporate tours and that leaves you utterly frustrated physically with sex taking a backseat.

This was what I was going through for several years, my body longing for some intimate moments of cuddles, kisses and caresses and at times getting desperate for some real, raunchy romp-up.

Not that I was in any way looking for sex outside marriage but it simply happened and I landed up having sex with a gigolo.

I had been to a pub with a few of my girlfriends and was enjoying a lonesome drink while they flirted away to glory with other men when a handsome dude offered to dance with me. I was not particularly interested to dance at that point but his charming nature and his wooing words lured me towards him. He had the gift of the gab and once he flashed that smile on his face I felt I had not met such an enchanting guy in my life.

My husband was abroad and maybe some kind of unsatisfied desire tickled me to offer him a cup of coffee at my place. He agreed saying my home would be on the way to his and hence he did not mind. As we sipped the hot coffee, I asked him about his profession. “I am a Gigolo”, he said, quite candidly.

I was taken aback. I was all this time with a male escort. While my ethics tugged at my heartstrings, the naughty side in me perked me up to go forth and enjoy the night. I was not quite prepared for such a thing though but in the deepest core of my heart my lustful longings wanted to be made love with this irresistibly handsome man.

It was as if he read my mind and coming closer suddenly took me by surprise as he clasped my succulent boobs with one hand and the face in the other and landed a deep kiss on my lips. O it was so sensuous, so passionate. It seemed I had the opportunity to feel such a touch after years.

As he looked at me with his dreamy eyes I could not help myself from melting in his arms. He ran his fingers through my locks gently and the very next moment had grabbed them and was kissing me passionately all over my neck.

How he knew my sensitive zones I could not tell, but he managed to get me wet within a few minutes of our foreplay session. It was years experience, may be. But whatever it was, it was divine.

Soon I was lying there with my bare breasts and hardened nipples waiting to be sucked by him even as he dug deep into my sweet spot to give me a mind blowing orgasm. It was at this time that I wanted to play the Dominatrix and he allowed me to have my way as I pleased.

I tied him up and went atop him, kissing him all through, my succulent boobs hanging in front of his luscious lips as I deliberately teased him by rubbing them across his mouth. I could not believe I was doing everything that I had fantasized for so long with a complete stranger- a gigolo.

When I had got exhausted with my domineering role-play he freed himself like a pro and made love to me in the real sense of the term. I was in cloud nine to have his mammoth manhood inside me in gentle motions alternating with fast paced ones until I had experienced two more orgasms.

Looking back I could hardly remember the last time I experienced an orgasm with my husband. But this was simply put out of the world.

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